Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pakistan India students work together

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan India 2013-2015 ": The archives citizen of Pakistan (CAP), in collaboration with Routes2Roots (R2R), has successfully completed the 18-month project exchange for Change The largest exchange program of this kind was the work of the 5000 students from 31. schools across India and Pakistan presented at the National Art Gallery.

The project is based on the idea that students on both sides of the border similar stories that are worth it to drive the exchange with the public misconceptions about the other, have on the base. The CAP and R2R presents exchange for change. Crossing Borders ", as the history of Namrita and Qasim, which changes its journey 18 months ago with a letter, the hearts and minds started They challenged the perceptions are exceeded and became friends.

At the end of the exchange for the change of the cycle the CAP for exhibitions on the correspondence of students during the exchange.

"Crossing Borders" is a multimedia exhibition, visitors to the journey of a boy and a girl from Pakistan to India, the share taken about stock market for change.

The exhibition will be in the form of a book Giant Interactive Storytelling and has letters, collages, cards and oral traditions that were exchanged under the program. The exhibition invites, friendship and intimacy with the participants EFC 2013-2015 cycle performed explore.

The Executive Director PAC, Shahzada Alam Swaleha, said: "We had 30 students from Pakistan, 15 teachers and five members of the team of the CAP, so it was a delegation of 50 Children were selected various schools of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad ".

Lubna Nisar, Vice Rector of Ehsaas School Foundation, said: "It was a wonderful opportunity for my students and me at private schools, the school of our Foundation for street children was selected a great honor for us.."

She added, "It was an excellent project and words are not enough to express my experiences and feelings you have to go to India to realize what the Indian experience the same faces and the same friendly attitude that Pakistan. - When we arrived, India, we assume to find any differences on the last day we did not want to leave I learned a lot and I hope to share with the students in my school "...

A visitor Humaid negotiator, said: "The CAP does things that no one else has Bourse change made for the project was unique because it is a 18-month project, the cross-border logistics If involved .. talk to teachers and students, the participated, they have great stories to share their experiences. "

Shehryar Tabassum, a student who went into the exchange program to India, said .. "I really enjoyed India, I have learned that we remain in peace - we can not fight each other, we are no different, our food is the same , our appearances same except for a few differences in clothing, some people wear turbans. "

The Exchange for Change is the first of its kind between Pakistan and India, there is no program of this magnitude develops sustainable cultural exchange and nature between the two countries in the past.

The aim of the project is to identify students in both countries, that a sustained dialogue is possible. It is now the largest exchange of oral history program for students in the world and the largest effort of Track II diplomacy between Pakistan and India.

CAP through Roots routes for the project, a non-profit charitable organization, people, cultures and values ​​between the SAARC countries, especially India and Pakistan should be merged developed.