Saturday, March 21, 2015

Modern education important for progress: Sirajul Haq

Swabi: the head of the Jamaat-i-Islami Sirajul Haq Sunday stressed the need to give young modern education say that it is of crucial importance for the country's economic progress and political stability.

He was present at the ceremony Pakistan TechFest of Mechanical Engineering Company Pakistan (SMEP) Chapter Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology organized youth speak awards.

Teachers and students from various technical universities attended the three-day event.

The JI chief said that if he had a chance to govern the country, he would step to maturity establish uniform kindergarten program in the public and private schools.

Said after the defense, education should receive most funds
He said after the enrollment of students should be allowed to choose the area of ​​their choice to national progress will help.

"After coming to power, we will bring three million students in religious institutions into the mainstream of contemporary education," he said.

Siraj said that quality education could help the country to learn from the current crisis.

"Only education can keep our united and strong nation. The government should make maximum use of resources to improve educational standards and to reach out to poor people with educational institutions," he said.

The JI chief said, according to the defense, education should receive the most benefit.

He said it was time for governments beyond rhetoric to move and do something tangible to improve the level of education.

Siraj said he thought that education should remain the domain of the federal government, even after the constitutional amendment 18.

He said that educated youth could work as true guardians of the ideology of the country.

The leader said that the unemployment rate JI be eliminated by promoting quality education, which was a tool for economic development, political stability, strong democracy and a peaceful society.

He said people's access to quality education should be guaranteed by the government.

"We believe in equal education to all sectors of society. The poor and the rich should get equal opportunities to education," he said.

Siraj welcomed the GIK Institute to provide quality education for young people.

Rector of GIK Institute Jehangir Bashar said he had worked with Sirajul Haq all. The Minister of Finance of the State under the government MMA

"I admire his (Sirajul Haq) the ability and leadership qualities," he said.

President SMEP Athir Khan also spoke on the occasion.

The JI chief later gave away shields and certificates to teams, excellence in our three days showed TechFest.