Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt released funds for schools

KARAK: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has released Rs 180 million in Pakistan to provide the missing facilities in primary school for boys in the neighborhood.

"The amount would be used by the Council of Principals parents were invited from primary schools to collect the amount of the banks." Nisar Ahmad Khattak, the agent of Education division, said at dawn.

He said the funds would be used for the walls of the building, group toilets and additional classrooms and the provision of water in schools. He said that in a remote area where electricity was not available, the solar system would be installed in the schools.

Mr. Khattak said the funds would be mutual consultation of teachers and guidance are used by parents. He said that the district administration has already been updated to the Fund and the issue was discussed at the meeting of the Steering Committee, the Deputy Commissioner Chairman.

The official said that the Deputy Commissioner assured the Ministry of Education that full cooperation would be provided by the department to use the funds available transparently. He hoped that the fundamental problems in the schools would be largely solved and would lead lasting impact on the measurement of the quality of education.

Mr. Khattak said that the use of funds by PTC has been successfully proved that the communication and works department was given a room at a cost of Rs1.6 million built, while built in the room by spending Rs800,000 PTC.

The official said that the conditional grant is provided to all schools in the district are available. He expressed the hope that the funds would be made available for the other schools in the second phase.