Sunday, March 22, 2015

Karachi University dean civil awarded

KARACHI: Five people get Sitara-i-Imtiaz, 12 Pride of Performance Award of the President and 10-i-Imtiaz tamgha on behalf of President Mamnoon Hussain at a meeting at the Governor House ceremony to mark the day Pakistan on Monday.

Prices, Sindh Governor Dr Ibad transmitted by Ishratul recognized the services of professionals and social workers from different walks of life.

The Sitara-i-Imtiaz Abdul Qadir was Prof. Dr. Mughal (Education), Yusuf Kamal Shakeel (Acting), whereas recognized for utilities Prof Nisar Ahmed Siddiqi, Muhammad Najeeb Danawala and Siddique Sheikh.

Those who received the pride of the President of the performance attribution included Dr. Rukhsana Mughal (health), Prof Shehnaz Ismail (fine arts, education), Meher Afroz (painting), Masmat Pari (s), Salahuddin Tunio (for acting) Abdul Karim Solangi (painting and sculpture), alias Muhammad Bux Bakhshan Mehranvi (Art Parody) Wali Ram Vallabh (literature), Dr. Ali Shouq (literature and education) Mohammed Saleem Kausar (literature), Mohammed Idris Bakhtiar (Journalism) and Aqeel Khan ( sports, tennis).

Personalities like former Dean Prof. Dr. Shakeel KU Auj, shot last year, tamgha-i-Imtiaz was awarded posthumously, and so was famous hockey player Anwar Ahmed Khan. Others are Dr. Syed Riaz due Baquar (scientific research), Zafar Malik Mohammed Adil (Engineering), Prof. Zakaria Sajid (Journalism) and Allama Ghulam Rasul Saeedi (Education), Abdul Waheed Khan (Sports Hockey) Najam-ul-Saqib Hameed (social services), Mehtabuddin Chawla (social services) and Syed Atiq-u-Rehman (social services).

Seniors Education Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Shehla Raza Deputy Chairman, Karachi Corps Commander Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar, the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Syed Hussaini Pakistan Karachi Arifullah and PAF Commander Southern Command Air Vice Marshal Syed Hasan Rizvi Azhar also attended the ceremony. The work was led by the Chief Secretary Muhammad Siddiq Memon Sindh.