Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hundreds of School teachers stage protest over handing over to NGOs

HYDERABAD: school teachers held a rally in front of the local press club on Wednesday to protest against the transfer of the four schools in Hyderabad to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the framework of the "farewell school "Department Sindh education and forced displacement of teachers.

By the Association of Secondary Teachers Government (GSTA) was organized the rally MQM MPA and leader of the Jamaat-i-Islami Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat and Sunni Tehreek (ST) directed.

Carrying banners with slogans written on the gift against the builder mafia school teachers raised slogans against the movement were. District GSTA President Zamir Khan, vice president of the division Iqbal Jamali, president of the Association for the technical direction MPA Imtiaz Sheikh Rashid Khilji, Maulana Khalid Hassan and Muhkamdin Qadri also spoke on the occasion.

Rashid said that the MQM would Khilji Sindh Assembly to take the matter even if it was taken earlier in the house.

He said it was as if the Department of Education tried to sell seemed education. These agreements were night by signing people in ignorance, he added.

He said, however, that teachers need to improve education in schools.

Even that would be valid, the decision of the Department of Education moved in question, he said and urged the education minister to resign transport demands of the teachers who were sent to remote areas to Hyderabad resistance to movement.

Iqbal Jamali strongly criticized Education Minister Dr Fazalullah Pechuhu and said it was not school officials selected from the friendly match that corrupt elements were used to transfer schools obvious.

Those who have been involved in the fraud were invited to take with school inspection under a school program, he added.

Zamir Khan said teacher of men, because their schools were privatized fight, adding that an authorization to market in the form of a bill by the Assembly was required.

He said that the so-called NGOs given charge of six schools in Hyderabad and Qasimabad alone. This decision led to deprive the poor of their right to education, he said, warning that the GSTA not to accept the decision.

ST leader Khalid Hassan said the Minister of Education was abusing his authority and demanded his dismissal. He said that the schools were good at NGOs. He said that the ST teachers would not be alone in this fight.