Thursday, March 12, 2015

Govt will provide full free education for 5 to 16 year olds students soon

Karachi, praise literature party very successful children (CLF), said Education Minister Sindh Nisar Khuhro Saturday that the government fully realizes the importance of education for the future of a nation and that it would seek education for all the children to do at the age of five to 16; in other words, children receive free education up to the level of maturity.

Khuhro said this at the CWF closing ceremony at the Arts Council. The two-day program was organized by the Oxford University Press in association with organized consortium'm Habib Bank and other co-sponsors "I Karachi.

Talk about the benefits of owning such festivals, the minister said that we should make special efforts to cultivate the taste of young people to the sport and the social sciences.

"With the progress of science and technology that were not there when we went to school, the children of today in a new phase of life that make us all entered a better future."

Referring to the December 16th Army Public School massacre in Peshawar, Khuhro said: "This was an attack on our future, we should do this grief into strength and make it clear to terrorists that we not be intimidated by such tactics terrible .."

The Education Minister congratulated the Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi Bala Raza Jamil on holding the big event.

The last event began with two exquisite dance of Tehrik-e-Niswan students founders Sheema Kermani. It was a carefully choreographed affair. Followed by a Qawwali children Karachi High School.

Bala effusively thanked everyone for their attendance, especially children and members of the "I am group Karachi.

The next presentation of Anita Ghulam Ali Awards for work with children with disabilities. The first prize went to Sardar Muhammad Irfan Kingston Special School in Abbottabad.

The second prize was bagged by Zarina Fazal Imran rehabilitation center in Karachi. The next two prices were fixed by Yasmeen Muhammad Shafiq and Saima. Saima received her award Khuhro hands.

CLF conclusion of the day, as before, was marked by nearly 30 sessions that take place simultaneously.

? One of them was entitled "Is there a shortage of children's literature in Pakistan" The panel had its members noted the authors of children's books: Rumana Husain, Amra Alam, Dr. Fauzia Minallah and Syeda Zehra Arfa, a professor of history at Forman Christian College University, Lahore. The session was moderated by Musharraf Ali Farooqi.

Fauzia complained that there was no children's books in regional languages, she thought, a must to attract children into the habit of reading.

All panelists agreed that one of the main reasons for the lack of interest in reading among children because the books were not displayed or designed appropriately.

Background Amra a specific incident in London, where she said, 9992 copies of the book for children that they have sold.

The following year, she said, sales had dropped to 8,000.

She said extensive research conducted and it was found that the design of the structure was not sufficiently attractive. When it revised the book, crossed sales of brand 10,000 next year, she added.

Rumana complains that there is a lack of

The authors of the child in the country. She was of the view that we can bring the good things of the world in the history books such as trees, flowers, colorful birds and nature.

Dr Arfa, his frank in their characteristics and sometimes powerful, so it is more reprehensible was the material of hatred and militancy that the books of our children, including primers focused on.

She said that today was beginning during class alphabets "T to tank", "Grenade G" and "M missiles".

All this would do is to cultivate a militant attitude in children, she said violently deplored the trend.