Friday, March 13, 2015

Fraud with COMSATS Dual Degree Programme students

LAHORE, a number of students from the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) claims the office of the institution to commit fraud with them and put their future at stake.

In a Lahore Press Club Press Conference (LPC) on ITIC students, including Rana Shahmir, Awais Khalil, Arslan Khalid Shoaib Zafar and others, as well as parents of some students claimed that the Institute does not award double degree students, admission to the dual degree program the Institute had received (DDP). They said they had admissions in 2012, while two lots already completed, is offered in collaboration with the University of Lancaster and CIIT, did not receive double degrees despite the completion of the program and pay the full price. They said that from 2700 to 3000 students had the approval was given in the tender. Students and their parents have claimed that the administration of CIIT committed fraud of several million rupees, the adoption of the program by the Directors technique Pakistan (ECP) of the Higher Education Commission, yet recognized (HEC). They said they had economic losses and education faced by the administration of ITIC and unfortunately nothing has been done to solve the problem and instead of a single degree will be issued to students. They asked how the CIIT offered the dual degree program, if it is not approved by the PEC and recognized by the HEC? They said that the students performed at the time of admission to the asylum, and added that they now also moved the court in this regard. When contacted, an official said HEC, the issue was raised in 2010 and calls on the administration of the ITIC to build his system, such as the dual degree program is not a legally permitted under.

He said the issue was discussed by the CEP and CET and it was finally decided in 2013 to 14, that only a recognized qualification would be supplied by the CIIT or the University of Lancaster. When asked, the officials said ITIC had agreed that the University of Lancaster would issue diplomas to students. On another topic, the officials said ITIC was a public institution sector.