Monday, March 23, 2015

Foreign graduates have to pass a test to start practice in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Naqash Nasir, a resident of Rawalpindi, wanted to become a doctor. In 2009, he came on advertising in newspapers of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) concerning registration of seven Chinese medical universities placed with the PMDC. She explained that the graduates of these universities would not need the test panel of national examination (CEN) to start practice whatsoever in Pakistan.

It should be noted that the NIC test is the PMDC these medical and dental doctors to return to Pakistan after studying in countries where English is not the language of instruction to perform.

PMDC has begun to conduct the review in the early 1990s, after complaints that doctors who have studied in other languages ​​than English problems in the treatment of patients. In addition, there were also complaints about the quality of education.

In 2012 by an Act of Parliament, it was made compulsory to survive the NIC test for all international medical graduates. However, the owner of graduate degrees such as American Board, FRCS were (UK) and equivalent exempt from the test.

Passed through an Act of Parliament in 2012, foreign graduates must pass a test to begin practice in Pakistan
Naqash father always wanted to be one of his six children, doctor. So he got admission to China Xi'an Jiaotong Medical University in the year 2009.

"All courses and teaching were in English. I closed the MBBS course in 2014 and returned to Pakistan," said Dawn Naqash.

"After reaching home, but I learned that the degree that I had won after a struggle over five years and spend Rs5 million, had no value here. I was by the PMDC that all foreign graduates had clearly testing NEB says, "he said.

"It takes a year and a half to clear the test. I also got to China after confirmation that the university has registered with the PMDC, and I have not tested the NEB gone clear, "he said.

"When I was in China in 2009, I had no idea that three years later Parliament would be a law by which I would not be allowed to practice in Pakistan and also to only spend admission to any university continuing education" at- he said.

Naqash is not the only foreign graduate who has suffered because of the new state. More than 200 students have returned to Pakistan after completing her doctorate and another 340 are still abroad continue their MBBS degree.

Another foreign graduates who do not want to be quoted, said: "We have worked with parliamentarians us to solve the problem, the Senate Committee headed by Kalsoom Perveen, took the thing and tried to solve it. but without success, "he said.

"Some of the students chose a petition to the High Court in Islamabad (IHC), but the judge Athar Minallah that all graduates must pass the NIC test because she completed her medical training after the adoption of the law. "

He said the PMDC Board, Dr Khursheed Ahmed, a meeting with graduates after. A demonstration outside the PMDC February 18 and assured them that the problem would be solved After four days, we had another meeting with the board of the PMDC PMDC President Masood Hameed was also present. "But the Committee believes that we who sit in the test," he said.

Anwar Khan, the uncle of a student who said the PMDC must find a way for students, because it was the PMDC, prompting students to go to China for medical education.

The member of the PMDC Board, Dr. Khursheed told Dawn that even if he had any sympathy with foreign graduates, they must pass the examination of the NEB.

"At the meeting, the president and legal counsel PMDC with others who are exempt graduates by checking the NEB if mentioned in the law that the admission to universities in China before 2012 would be released," at -he said.

"Although China's universities have been recognized by the PMDC, was mandatory under the Act of Parliament on all international graduates to pass the test," he said.

In response to a question, Dr. Khursheed said in the past, only two tests were performed NIC in a year, but now the PMDC six tests each year. He said that 20 to 25 percent of students took the test NEB, they were reluctant to visit them. However, the PMDC started refresher courses for students, he added.