Saturday, March 7, 2015

Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology Islamabad Students Protest

ISLAMABAD: Students of Engineering at the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology continues the fifth day in a row against the failure of the university administration for the accreditation of the Engineering Council protest Pakistan (ECP).

Dozens of students Monday blocked the main road outside the campus for an hour, call for urgent measures to accreditation.

The university has 450 engineering students who believe their future is at stake than the accreditation by the PEC is expected for the 2011-15 batch.

It should be noted that organized staff of the University to draw in the recent past, a series of protests against the university administration for its alleged failure of business of the institution in a transparent manner. However, the charge has been dismissed by the university management.

The protesting students chanted slogans against the Vice-Chancellor Dr Zafar Altaf and other senior members of the faculty. "Our future is in the balance. We paid a huge fee, but did not receive the University of the PEC accreditation. That is, we have no future," said Mohammad Azeem, a student of the 7th semester.

Zahid Fazal in the third term, said the department had not properly laboratory equipment and other facilities, the affiliate CEP were required. "Currently, there is no chance that our university to be certified," he said.

The protesting students said an audit was conducted by the PEC in 2010. At that time, performed the ECP, the University had addressed to improve its level. However, the students said since college has never been any action taken in this regard.

Sultan Hamid, another student, said later that VC Aube Altaf had a meeting with the protesting students and assured them that he would take all necessary measures within two weeks. "The VC has assured us that after all these precautions, he would in the CEP to write for a visit. In the morning, after the approval of all students, we will decide our future actions," he said.