Monday, March 30, 2015

FDE sports week from April 6 to April 10

ISLAMABAD: A sudden movement, Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has decided to cut short announced to maintain the annual week of sports in schools Spring Break. In addition to the scheduled dates (April 6 to April 10), the high school would not be able to participate because they will be there to see for board exams.

Sources in the FDE told Dawn that a recent release of the FDE was issued to the decision to hold sporting events in 422 schools. During the time when sports events are to take place, the class nine and 10 would appear for the annual audit conducted by the Federal Executive Council of intermediate and secondary (FBISE).

Meanwhile, students would be in the first and second year during the holidays from March 31 to have carried out the tests on April 25, the FBISE.

"The games are useless for students. It seems that the FDE officials determined to waste money," said a teacher.

The EDF announced that spring break, from 1 April to 10 April cut short to keep the sports gala. After logging in, teachers and students will be of 1 vacation rental from April to May, but must return to their schools to visit the sports week of April 6.

The inter-school sporting events are held annually Action for students in schools and colleges FDE managed. Normally the event is held in November or September of each year.

In the current school year, this annual event has been ignored criticism of students, teachers and parents shot. But now suddenly the alert was issued when the school year is almost over.

Professor Tahir Mehmood H-8 school crticised the decision, saying that the EDF should the games be held in September or November, according to the calendar.

"This is an illogical decision FDI than most students will not be available to participate in these games," he said.

Salma Shaheen, President of Islamabad Model College and Schools Heads Association, commented issued to accommodate sports games displeasure with the release of the EDF.

"Before the decision to hold the Games, officials do not even check the ground realities. Without the participation of older classes 9, 10, first and second year, it makes no sense to hold the event," said -it.

Another teacher, choosing not to be named, that is simply trying to follow a procedure by the organization of the event, the EDF.

Teacher asked FDE Director General to move the games to November.

When contacted FDE Sport Director Asif Niazi said: "In the past, I spent sports-related messages, but I was not consulted this time when the decision was made, the games should be moved to ensure that all Students are able. to get involved. "