Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Air University Islamabad develops communication system 'WiMesh'

Islamabad, Wi-Fi launch ceremony wireless communication system based 'WiMesh "Air University was held here, says a press release.

Modern invention has different characteristics and based on the concept, the wireless communication system for emergency response by Dr. Usman Ashraf, chairman of the Department of Information Technology and Engineering have developed with teammates .

The project was funded by the National R & D Fund. The lead passenger Air Marshal Asad Abdur Rahman Khan Lodhi SI (M), DG Pakistan Air Force plans said in his speech, the efforts of the Computer Science Department of the Air University in the development of the response of the wireless communication system Advanced wireless in emergency situations are very commendable. He said the role of the national research and development of ICT in the Ministry of Information Technology Fund (MOIT) to finance "WiMesh" and various other projects appreciates this support and make a difference in the advance the development of future technologies. He said the Vice-Chancellor and the role of the project development team to raise the research and development standardsat Air University.

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor Air University, AVM (r) Faaiz Amir thanked the guest of honor with other dignitaries of the Pakistan Air Force, pharmaceutical Cirin of officials, National ICT R & D Fund, SRSP and rescue in 1122 to attend the opening ceremony of the "WiMesh '. He praised the efforts of the teamand project development, adding that the invention really research and development projects a landmarkof Air University.

During the demonstration, the communication system "WiMesh," informs Dr Usman Ashraf participants on the main features of the technology. He informed that audio calls between two users through this system is possible and it works like a radio to send audio messages. See SMS, multimedia content sharing, such as image, video, live video streaming of each mesh node and the ability to live the location of all users are otherdistinct features of this modern technology. Briefing on the application of technology, he added that this use as a regular communication system in remote and isolated areas or be used as a wireless video surveillance system remote. This is also useful in communications and errors of transmission power of a communication system and in particular the communication system can be used as a backup for the security agencies.