Sunday, March 1, 2015

A large number of educational institutions lack basic facilities

KARACHI: A large number of educational institutions lack basic facilities due to lack of funds, but the department made great efforts to improve the situation, said Education Minister Sindh Nisar Khuhro Tuesday.

He was responding to questions during Question Time to the Ministry of Education during the session of the Assembly of Sindh Agha Siraj Durrani led by the President. The session began 40 minutes later than the scheduled time of 10 hours, as stated in the agenda.

Legislators Pakistan Muslim League-Functional Nand Kumar respondent Government in the College Sanghar lack of walls and playground has been touched.

The Minister said that more than 43 000 schools and 269 schools were lacking many basic facilities such as walls, toilets, drinking water, electricity, etc.

The facilities were already not so appropriate when school buildings were called, have for the victims of the heavy rains in 2010, the refuge in schools and universities to open their doors, with the result that the buildings and furniture have suffered significant damage, he said.

He said that a three-year project was launched to improve these 10,000 buildings and 2,000 of them improve over the course of the year.

PML-Q legislator Nusrat Sehar Abbasi asked if all research universities was fully equipped laboratories and all laboratories were working well, the minister said that an attempt was made all be turned fully functional, but it could be some colleges where laboratories may not be are fully equipped and made functional. If it is determined if the names of these institutions, he would look into the matter, he said.

Pakistan Peoples Party legislator Dr. Bahadur Dahri said that scientific laboratories in eight universities Shaheed Benazirabad were not ready. On the minister said he would look into the matter if he specific name.

Ms. Abbasi presented the sad state of affairs in public schools, citing an incident in which 41 students and three teachers had after drinking toxic water in a primary school of government Saleh A near Sukkur lost 1 consciousness. Juni-2013.

The Minister partially agree with her and said that she drank water from a hand pump installed in the school in the village Khabri Bhit Council of Trade Unions in Terai in Saleh Pat taluka. The school was demonstrated in a desert area and tests later, the water from the hand pump was very dirty, he said.

To questions that the legislature identical PPP Shamim Mumtaz and Muttahida Qaumi Movement Dewan Chand Chawla when doctors appointed for mainstream schools visited their duties, the minister said that unfortunately they do not sit all the time in school and were asked if they were needed.

Sheeraz Waheed MQM doubt the power off and gas supply from three universities in his constituency. The minister said he would look at it and said it was regrettable that, while the gas is delivered across the country, he was not in the villages from which it extracts given.

Khatumal Jeevan PPP complained the program was not religious theme for children from minorities. The Minister agreed with him and said he hoped that the day would soon come when the subjects of other religions also part of the program to ensure that minority students could study their own religion. Meanwhile, they were offered an "ethical" about which they could study instead of Islamiat he said.

He has not taken not agree with the lawmakers who were the heroes of the minority in the program and said that some stories about heroes of the minority were part of the curriculum.

The minister said in response to the request of Ms Abbasi about the program curriculum revision date through eighth grade has been revised, and the process is underway to investigate the upper classes as well.

He said that in the revision of questionable content to others, most of which would be included in the curriculum for systems of martial law are rinsed.

PML-Q legislator Mahtab Akbar Rashdi asked if the same program in public schools and private taught, the minister said the government and private schools, the registration system of education would be provided to teach the same program.

MQM legislator Irum Farooqui has attracted the attention of the Minister for the poor quality of education in public schools and asked if the academic performance evaluated.

The minister said that although the teachers salaries of government were better than those of private teacher education was better in private schools because of a lack of accountability in the public sector.

But now the evaluation tests for teachers governmental were also planned to enhance their ability to evaluate. While students of private and public schools have the same abilities, it was the quality of the teachers who made a difference.