Sunday, March 29, 2015

23rd Convocation of NED University of Engineering & Technology held

KARACHI: The mother wiped her tears of joy, stood proud fathers and teachers clapped and 1213 - 1131 Bachelor candidates, 80 M. Engg / MCIT / Murp and two doctorate - received their certificates and diplomas to 23 Degrees snack in NED University of Engineering & Technology here Wednesday.

Earlier, during the presentation of the annual report, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque said nine decades of production technology of the university. "Founded in 1922, when the British government by civil engineers needed to build the dam Sukkur, there was a small college offering engineering undergraduate course. But today it is made in a university has outstanding offer 27 students and 42 master's and doctoral programs" he said.

"NED is not only produce quality engineers but architects, engineers, computer scientists and professionals in universities. During the year three new undergraduate programs were launched in textile science to life, Management Sciences and development research."

Addressing Pro-Chancellor of the University, Minister of Education and Literacy, Government of Sindh, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro and guest of honor on the occasion of the President of the Commission for Higher Education Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, said the VC they were university public sector, which is high quality Education for all who meet the eligibility criteria. "We welcome students from all walks of life, get into the achievements and believe in hard work. Keeping a low cost structure, we make all-out efforts to meritorious and talented young people to achieve. The University in its scarce resources to expand support and scholarships to students in need to help meet their educational expenses. It follows enthusiasts friends, alumni networks and resources available to students gain scholarships of all kinds and outstanding faculty pool goes the extra mile to connect with students facilitating their cumulative needs, "he said.

"But while the university has managed to keep its very basic expenses, the rising cost of the various units, inputs and services have taken a major impact on its financial performance The financial support of the Government of Sindh. And Higher Education Commission has allowed the University repay foreign loans, but there are still some liabilities for which the support of the state government and the HEC is essential. With the expansion of the students, institutions and new services and programs, the burden is on the increase. "

Meanwhile HEC Chairman Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar said in his speech that there are many problems in the country and education solution to everything. "So, we need to invest in education through a difficult time. NED University, but it's good to know that it is now out. We have some 163 public and private universities in Pakistan and many of them face problems the government needs to solve, "he said.

For the faculty of the NED, he said. "You are not only responsible for the fine engineers, but they are also good people do today are too busy to do the same are the parents so that it falls on you."

For students, he said. "You have the fruits of your hard work today Now you have around you to see how you can help others and your country."

Pro-Chancellor and Minister of Education Khuhro in his speech said he was glad so many girls get their engineering degrees. "When I was a student at DJ Science College in the 1960s, we knew a woman engineer, the first woman engineer in Pakistan, Engineering Asfiya Aleem, who is here today. But now there are so many, and they also received Gold Medals" said the minister.

"They are the engineers of Pakistan tomorrow. My VC is only the approval of performance. They also take care of this merit, what happened here. This invitation is a great time for you. When I would a boy, we in the fear of engineers and doctors because it took four to five years to get the courses in these occupations. They are always called nedian now. So do be your proud university, your teachers and parents proud and country proud. "