Monday, February 9, 2015

Teachers weapons training session in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Taliban When the terrorists stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar, killing 150 children and teachers, nobody could beat. Shabnam Tabinda and some of his fellow teachers want to change - and practice how to shoot terrorists.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa authorities gave permission for teachers to carry concealed weapons in response to the attack on 16 December. Many educators reject the idea of arming teachers as irresponsible and counterproductive, which overshadowed the kinds of arguments in the American school systems through their own occasional shootings.

But are no longer feel like an option for the teacher than 37 years of Tabinda with bare hands. You and 10 other teachers at Frontier College for Women are proud with handguns found on their marksmanship and a plan to bring them to the protection of students aged 16-21.

Asked if she was confident to kill a terrorist at her school, Ms. Tabinda was adamant in their reply: "Yes, He who kills innocent people, God willing, I'll kill you.".

KP Minister of Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani said the provincial Cabinet supported the arming of the teacher as a logical step in view of the fact that 65,000 police officers in the region are too thin to provide a first line of defense to almost 50,000 schools.

The terrorists must know that the schools are not helpless and armed gunmen teachers could wait and save time for police reinforcements to arrive, he said.

The teachers have their own legally authorized firearms, many of which are already to defend their homeland. "We are at war," he said.

The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan banned the last ten years, which seeks to overthrow the government and impose its own brand of Islam killed tens of thousands.

After the attack on Peshawar, the government increased the military operations in the tribal area bordering Afghanistan where militants are based, once again sentenced to the death penalty for persons with terrorism, and applied these persecutions more military courts in an attempt to stop the intimidation of witnesses and court officials ,

Schools across the country have been for several weeks after the attack of the Army Public School, where seven men dressed as soldiers scaled a wall and opened fire on the children on the run, many of them closed the son and daughters of soldiers. When students return this month, many of their schools had increased safety and security walls, surveillance systems and closed circuit freehand drawn guards.

Some certified teachers and trained to carry arms have begun to get them to their classrooms. "I carry my gun, but I'm still so hidden" Meenadar Khan said a teacher in the school government in Peshawar, lifted his shirt to the gun from the holster uncovered, made a Pakistani semi-automatic with seven ball clip-cycle.

He said the teachers at her school together to discuss the government's plan and agreed that it would be well armed teachers in emergencies must "defend our school and the children."

But other provinces have not followed plan to enable teachers to carry concealed weapons the Peshawar, and most educational institutions say that this is not the right decision.

Muzammal Khan, provincial president of the Association all teachers in Peshawar, said that the students already frightened by the increased security measures, and to see their armed teachers unnecessarily increasing anxiety.

He said government agencies should be responsible for defending the schools of terrorism. "Pens are one of our hands, not guns," Khan said.

Khalid Malik, president of the Association for Primary Schools, which represents thousands of teachers, said its members had voted against allowing teachers to carry guns.

The provincial government ahead with workshops for teachers of firearms, including a class this week for a teacher in a missionary institute Peshawar for boys and girls, Iceland College.

To load the expense of their two-day training learning, unload and fire Glock 9mm pistols, woman Tabinda said his family had already suffered enough Taliban terrorism, including the violation of her husband in a suicide bombing strike a few years ago. There is still with shrapnel in his stomach to attack. When they were his first shot at a paper target, said his wife Tabinda police trainers was impressed that they hit the mark, representing the chest of a human target.

Tabinda woman said that she behind the school attack ad in December, when they pulled. The Taliban murderers "I met her directly in her heart," she said.