Monday, February 16, 2015

Teachers ask to guide good education to students

PESHAWAR: Speakers here on Thursday stressed the need for a function, a useful and moral education to the students.

The event was organized to recognize the services of Prof. Gohar Zaman, a leading teacher and former presented the University Public School (UPS).

Prof. Gohar Zaman joined teaching in 1963 and became director of the UPS. He left the service in 1990 and started his own private school system. Shamim Saifullah Khan, a famous teacher and former director of Aitcheson College, Lahore, while meeting the guest of honor of the event, said that the people responsible for the worst situation in the country.

He said that the blame can not be placed on the other side.

He added that education is not only the transmission of information for students, but a real education was to make morally through targeted training.

"We are responsible for our own mistakes and errors. There is no need to blame others. The whole country is in an emotional ecstasy, which is due to lack of why people suffer a major moral dilemma vision," Khan said. He added that in the early '60s, when he was part of the University of Peshawar, a sense of responsibility set both teachers and students.

Khan said that the moral integrity, positive attitude and a sense of responsibility to the national could contribute to the goal of achieving a targeted training. He said they should not talk about topics that people. "The training as Prof Gohar Zaman with moral integrity and vision could introduce young people to the right path," he claimed.

Dr. Abdul Matin, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peshawar, the function of the Presidency, said Gohar Zaman was blessed with a good sense of identity, different personality traits and willingness to perform his duties.

He said that Mr. Zaman has a new vision for teachers and for students through his sincere efforts to mold society to work. "A true teacher is an inspiration to his students and colleagues, he stopped," said Mr morning.

Prof Kalimullah said that Mr. Zaman gave the example of honesty and fairness in his time as a professor and director of the UPS from 1963 to 1990. He said that UPS had reached its peak success and was recruited among the 20 best public schools.

"As an old student UPS, I am proud that I had the opportunity to receive training in August of that institution. We need education officials as Prof Gohar Zaman, who committed to the cause of the students remained a quality education," said he.

Dr Fakhrul Islam in Pakistan Studies Center director, said that without legal training, university students took anywhere today's youth, even though they were potentially strong not clear on how to meet the challenges of today's needs. He said that Professor Gohar Zaman inspired a generation of students who have served in high positions in the country.

Previously, Prof. Gohar Zaman had in his opening speech Shamim Saifullah Khan said was his mentor, because it has formed. He said that he and Mr. Khan used to mow the lawns of the UPS during the winter holidays. He said that Mr Khan had rolled on his 'Khanism' under the roller and behaved like a true leader.

Amir Arif and Gohar Gohar, son of Gohar Zaman also spoke at the meeting. Many former students and teachers attended the event. Prof R. Amin, Islamia seminary mentioned academics and former director, was also present.

Later, it was a book written by Arif Gohar to providing educational services Gohar Zaman Prof launched.