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SBTE Results 2017 - Sindh Technical Board Karachi Results 2017

Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Result 2017 - SBTE Karachi Result 2017

SBTE Karachi Result 2017
SBTE Result 2017 are available here. Students can find SBTE Result 2017 of Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Exams here.

Board of Technical Education Karachi SBTE Result 2017 will be announced shortly. All students who belong colleges are invited to check their results on the official website and also on the website page.

Sindh Board of Technical Education is the technical service, provide technical training and education available, so students. In various technical fields and the granting of the certificate or diploma at the end of the course SBTE also performs various programs exams, Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Result 2017. Now SBTE is SBTE Result 2017 to announce you to check the result here soon.

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SBTE was founded in Sindh Regulation No. XVI in 1970, consisting of the fact that it replaces the body, which was West Pakistan Council of Technical Education functioning. It is to monitor the responsibility of the directors of the board, regulate, develop and organize business training, industrial, technical and professional in Sindh. No one can comfort and luxuries of life without work. It is for this reason, the new value-added products are valuable raw materials. Therefore, is to provide the best education, environment and quality of education for students the biggest goal of this Council.

SBTE Karachi Result 2017

It offers college degree in engineering, information technology, computer and business management, business, hotel and sew costumes and diploma programs require a certain matrix skills, intermediate and preparatory courses for certification diplomas eight classes.

SBTE Result 2017 available on this page as soon as they are declared by the Board of Appeal. This will keep all the important news in contact with website page.

Associate degree in mechanical engineering is highly dependent on the production, maintenance and efficient backup. Fellow engineer can scientific knowledge to improve performance to translate. In Pakistan, a junior engineer's degree (DAE) awarded Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh Board of Technical Education in 26 disciplines .The Government of Pakistan recognizes equal CSSS / international science (Engineering Pre) offered in the purpose of further studies, the B.Tech students.

Diplom-Kaufmann continues to grow, one of the pillars of the global economy. Diploma in Commerce D.Com allows training options, from trading functions: accounting, business administration, marketing, e-commerce, economics, finance, international trade and management of the supply chain. The completion of this degree students can take the admission in BBA and Bachelor of Commerce.

Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Result 2017

Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Result 2017
Degree in fashion and design students to different types of materials and how to learn, easy to take, how to find a sewing machine and a way to modify and use to decorate clothing. Sewing and Design degree program prepares students for original clothes and to create other clothing and change clothes, better fit him, SBTE Karachi Result 2017. The students learn to read patterns, choose fabrics, properly cut and paste the fabric ornament. Further research students can do more courses, the student can open your own shop.

Operation diploma or hotel management gives the program the basics of food establishments students, beverage and hospitality, accelerated in the first job in the hospitality industry. For the professional skills through a series of training of the hotels on the basis of theoretical courses and practical support industrial training. Students will be exposed in real environments with the transition from direct care and guided lessons to become more self approach.

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