Friday, February 20, 2015

School security staff trained by police

Lakki Marwat: Local police began a two-day training program for caregivers of state schools security.

The first day of the program will be held at the police lines, the participants learned how to use firearms and to strict security controls.

The instructor of the police stations Note. The technical and special skills, how to give a rapid response in the event of a terrorist attack on the schools

They were also informed how to coordinate with teachers, school administrators and police in the terrorist attacks.

The safety of the public and private educational institutions strengthened in the region.

Special teams including district administrative officials, the police and the Ministry of Education visited schools and universities in order to check the safety devices if educational institutions have reopened on 12 January.

A police official said the training of guards on the use of firearms and security checks at the schools was inevitable.

He said during the two-day program, the guardians about the handling and use of the weapon would learn.