Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Peshawar school attacked student and teachers leave to China for medical treatment

PESHAWAR: A group of students and teachers, a Taliban massacre in Army Public School (APS) left Monday for a trip to China in order to heal the psychic scars survived their ordeal.

Heavily armed fighters stormed the GSP in Peshawar in December, killing 150 people, mostly children.

The massacre shocked the world and left many traumatized survivors wrong.

Now 10 students and two teachers who were to escape the bloodshed sent on a 10-day journey to restore it.

"The basic aim of the visit is to divert attention from the survivors," the nightmare, said a security official told AFP.

APS officially confirmed the visit and said that "other survivors will be sent in the coming days to other countries."

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

They said that the decision was taken after psychiatrists have suggested that the survivors needed long-term therapy and mental health counseling.

The security official said the parents of children who would be killed in the attack, sent on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in the coming days.