Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Painting competition held among students of schools, colleges and universities in Lahore

LAHORE, a painting competition will be held among the students of schools, colleges and universities in Lahore on peace, tolerance and interfaith harmony.

A press release issued Thursday, said the competition was organized into two categories. Junior for the students, while the senior category for students of colleges and universities, it has. He said, interested students could their original work on the subject in 2D format in oil, water, chalk, pencil, pastel or other documents presented before February 25, 2015.

Applications will be evaluated by a group of artists and teachers of the visual arts for both senior categories and remember 50 paintings in each category, which are part of the exhibition. The first three entries in each category will receive remunerative prices, the statement said.

The press release said that the art world has had a great impact on many companies, ship and broadcast messages, including those of peace and tolerance.

In Pakistan, artistic expressions in the form of music, theater, literature, poetry, dance, film, paintings, prints, posters, sculptures and photographs can help spread a message of peace and tolerance because of their popularity in culture, held liberation.