Friday, February 6, 2015

HEC Pakistan without working staff from last two year

ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has a body of 18 members, which is responsible for the development of policies and decisions about higher education and supervise the work on key issues at HEC. But in the last two years, the Commission has been working with 10 members.

Furthermore, the Committee held a meeting last year, when the HEC Act requires the participation of at least two meetings per year.

"We have the idea of creating HEC contrast province, but has not been able to put our own house in order," said a senior official of HEC, who remain anonymous.

HEC sources said that no significant efforts have been made to appoint eight members. However, HEC Chairman Dr Ahmed Mukhtar dismissed the allegations and said that the Commission completed its work to make appointments as soon as possible.

According to sources, the Commission completed the list of possible names for vacancies in April 2013. However, the HEC has not passed the names for approval to the Office of the Prime Minister. The reason, according to sources, is that the HEC officials do not want to see would an effective and efficient committee, keep a check on their activities.

They added that the meetings were avoided in order to keep the problem of vacancies of members under wraps.

In September 2014 HEC has finally sent a list of more than 20 names Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to be sent to the Prime Minister is required for the selection of the members.

The power of the Commission is 18, but currently 10 members on board
According to sources, the ministry has raised objections on the list, it is outdated, because he prepared a year ago. The list has been updated to be sent back and has since remained with the HEC.

"The Ministry of Education had raised some objections on the list and they have returned. Now, after some changes, we will list at the next meeting of the Committee for final approval before finally sending it to place service," said Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar.

Convened on the question of the failure of the HEC two meetings in 2014, he said: "I agree, it should be president last year after the treatment to be at least two meetings per year as I have a meeting.."

He added that in the future the HEC ensure at least two committee meetings per year.

"In the coming weeks, we will convene a committee meeting to discuss important issues etc. as the National Authority test," he said.

The last meeting of the Committee held 26 September 2014, thanks to the Senate Committee on Education and the Federal Education blamed the HEC not to hold a meeting since April-2013.

The Senate Committee would be called to make the delay as a deliberate attempt by the HEC, a decision on his own.

The members of the race committee HEC should consist of two federal secretaries, four representatives from the provinces, a CEO, a Vice-Chancellor and 10 candidates of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the HEC has not currently have a permanent Executive Director, who is supposed to work as Secretary of the Committee and Chief Accounting Officer.

This seat has been vacant since April 2014 when the then Managing Director Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar was appointed Chairman of HEC.

A spokeswoman HEC Ayesha Ikram said Dr. Mansoor Kundi clean Acting Executive Director, and work is underway for the early appointment of a permanent director.