Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Students awareness program for historical sites

PESHAWAR: A non-governmental organization De Laas Gul has launched a program to educate students about the importance of historic sites in Peshawar.

According to a statement, the organization historical sites of Peshawar study tours organized for students of government schools under the program.

"These activities aim to highlight the importance of Peshawar, and encourage students and institutions to the historical aspects of the capital of the province, which is one of the oldest living cities of South Asia address," said Syed Ali Shah Zafar, De Laas Gul coordinator.

The official said the organization was organized as a study trip to Peshawar museum and archive library. Taken Students of Secondary School Girls Nishtarabad high-level government to both places, he added.

The coordinator said the arranged activity was conducted primary and secondary education ministry before the closure of schools for the winter holidays in cooperation with the Uplift Program Peshawar.

"The staff of the Peshawar Museum and Archives Library students informed social organizers Noushad Riffat Ali Akhtar. And informs students about the historical significance of Peshawar," Zafar Ali Shah saidSyed, adding that the activity would that schools take the Winter reopened.