Friday, January 30, 2015

PUNJAB University has awarded PhD degrees

LAHORE, according to a press release / o Muhammad Yaqub has a PhD on the subject of education, after the approval of his thesis entitled "Influence of formative assessment on student achievement in science," Kashif- UR s Imtiaz Ali Rehman s / o Abdur Rehman Nasir in Zoology from the observation of his thesis entitled "genitive polymorphisms of cytochrome P450 gene with resistance associated with Pakistan cardiac patients, clopidogrel," Tariq Javed s / o Muhammad Ali in the field of molecular after finding his thesis entitled "studies on the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants against hepatitis C virus "and Huma Lodhi d / o Masood Ahmed Khan Lodhi in the subject of education, after finding his dissertation entitled" The perception of future teachers :. professional regulations of the desired components in the national professional standards for teachers in Pakistan "