Thursday, January 29, 2015

Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) to focus on social sciences

LAHORE recently President of the Commission of Higher Education appointed Punjab (PHEC) Dr Mohammad Nizam-ud-Din said that the new National Commission on social science issues, human sciences, as they focus are as important as the science.

He was speaking at the launch of a book Nau'abadiati Ta'leemi Dhanchey Tasalsal ka "(continuity of colonial education Structure) of M Masood Khalid Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture (PILAC) Wednesday.

Dr. Nizam not agree with the author, the current education system in Pakistan was a continuation of the colonial education system, saying that no foreign agenda, which was promoted through education in the country. He said that no foreign funding or assistance for the education sector with the exception of specific projects. "Coming Most of these resources in the context of technical assistance," he said, adding, ". But the country has benefited from loans to the sector of education and other social services" The former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gujrat Dr Nizam, social sciences, humanities had been neglected in the past, adding that now the PHEC would focus on those areas neglected. "We need more investment in this area," he said while stressing the importance of these areas for the overall development of society.

Masood Khalid said his last book was part of a series on colonial education. He spoke of economic, administrative and political structures during the British rule and the 1835 education policy was not primarily productive. "All political education in Pakistan are in fact very continuation of this policy," he said. He spoke of uncontrolled privatization of education in Pakistan.

At the University of Haripur VC Dr. Nasser Ali Khan emphasized the need for a shift in thinking with reality and lamented the lack of educational opportunities for the locals. Citing a study by an international NGO few years ago, he said he was actually some 18,000 primary schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-differently than 26,000 claimed by the government. Dr Nasser Ali Khan said divided in 1960, South Korea capita almost similar with Pakistan, but today its admission rate at university was 98 percent, in contrast to Pakistan only eight percent.

The well-known educator Dr Tariq Rahman also spoke on the occasion. Method of maximum start of the event was an excerpt from the book "Nau'abadiati Ta'leemi Dhanchey ka Tasalsal 'also read. PILAC by power outages and unavailability of electricity producers were in the dark room.