Saturday, January 3, 2015

Private schools fees must be decreased immediately, Provincial Education Minister Rana Mashhood

LAHORE, after delaying daily business for a week resumed because of child murders in the Army Public School Peshawar, the meeting of the Punjab Assembly Monday, with the provincial education minister Rana Mashhood of grilled both the treasury and opposition benches overload of private schools and universities, non-registered schools incomplete renovation of school buildings and lack of facilities in the public schools in the province.

In order appears in the crowd after a series of absence, the Minister of Education to criticism during question time session on the lack of walls of public schools, broken promises construction and modernization of schools in different districts and other pressing questions of AMP on both sides.

PML-N MPA Nighat Sheikh expressed his disappointment at the failure of the Department of Education to strict measures against private educational institutions take unregistered PP-143 Lahore.

Also PPP parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly Qazi Ahmed Saeed public school for girls in the Rajanpur district said in 1993, was built 50 students in one room. To the curriculum, the PML-N MPA Dr. Farzana Nazeer a public school in Lahore said it had to teach, not the force algebra and physics. Show ignorance, the President said the MPA female that algebra was not part of science. Dr. Syed Waseem JI MPA also criticized the department for failing to build and modernize enough schools PP-58, Faisalabad. PML-Q MPA Sardar Hassan Vicka Mokalo alarmed the house on the deplorable state of public schools in Kasur, who still were updated to reflect the necessary facilities for the students. JI MPA raised the issue in the high tuition fees of private schools in the account and urged the government regulation in this regard. Dr. Waseem called the Punjab government to formulate and implement a comprehensive education policy that takes into account the arbitrariness of the private school owners.

Said PML-N Mian Muhammad Rafique MPA from Toba Tek Singh district that uniformity in the curricula of public and private schools was needed to bridge the gap in textbooks and teaching materials. We learned that Government Girls High School Jaranwala lacked water and was only eight rooms for students 775 Meanwhile, the government has girls middle school in Sargodha has to provide to a high school upgrading, but renovation plans are pending for four years with the district government still means ,

On questions were provincial education minister Rana Mashhood that he will soon present the Punjab Private Education Commission Bill 2014 in the Assembly to do with the increase in tuition fees, the private school. However, it is important to note that this law has continued to benefit in the pipeline for nearly two years with private schools by the lack of regulation.

Mashhood said his department is actively providing missing facilities to more than 20,000 schools in the province with an impressive Rs8billion funds in the current budget. He informed the House that the funds were allocated by the Punjab Education Department at the district administration and the EDO and CDA to consult disbursement was. Within three to four months walls of all schools would be built, he said. The minister said it was unreasonable government responsible for the various curricula in private schools, the Punjab Textbook Board to hold and Punjab Curriculum Authority covers only 70 percent of schools in the province. He asserted that the two banks, the additional classrooms were built in the public schools filled and open for recruitment were filled. We do away with our conventional policy through collaboration with Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) pay in hosting students in existing schools and tuition fees, Rana Mashhood said.

Later attentive Notes and Requests to urged the Punjab government to postpone to solve the problems of female prisoners, open drip pans, land theft, contaminated water, increased PIA Umrah trip, and flooding of support despite lower oil prices. The Parliamentary Secretary for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Nazar Hussain Chaudhry once again not met most of my questions were excluded waiting to produce by the President.

As Mujtaba Shuja was provincial law-ur-Rehman no. In the meeting due to an important meeting, the general debate on law and order after the tragedy Peshawar has been postponed indefinitely by President