Saturday, January 24, 2015

PhD Scholars win global tributes for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - It was recently approved by the Commission for Higher Education Development (HEC) announced that more than 13,350 Pakistani scientists have managed to complete their PhD Dental News official sources.

According to media reports and statistics from HEC; 3925 students received their doctorates from foreign institutions and 8734 in local universities.

In addition, 611 Pakistani investigators postdoc abroad were completed, while nearly 80 students received their diplomas programs exchange students - a showcase of HEC allows students to spend half the hours credit in foreign institution.

It was also learned that up to 20,000 Pakistani scientists are still busy. In doctoral research in the world, including Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Korea, Japan and European countries

It is also relevant to mention here that recently the Pakistan National Assembly was informed that records Rs 29 billion HEC allocated for the promotion of research and development.

Minister of State for Federal Education Balighur Rehman informed the House that the amount of HEC among all universities are distributed in the public sector of the country. He said that HEC was instructed to focus on applied research to meet the local needs of the country. He said that efforts are being made to strengthen the links between research institutions and industry in order to achieve the desired goals.

He said that for more than 10,000 graduate students were produced in the country, while enrolled over 20 million students in the various universities.