Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pakistan get more schools by Saudi help

ISLAMABAD - Saudi Arabia continue to assist Pakistan in promoting education and for this purpose a huge amount were built for the 40 other schools in the affected areas of the country as a strong sign of solidarity with the people of Pakistan earthquake / flooding.

All existing aid and construction projects are in various districts of Pakistan under the guidelines of Khadim al Haramin Al-Sharifain King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz completed, Dr Khalid M.Al-Othmani said while talking to the media. Was sufficient for the additional 40 elementary construction and colleges in addition to associated universities in other affected areas of Pakistan, he said.

The task of facilitating and building project was a Saudi operation "King Abdullah Campaign relief for Pakistani people (KARCPP)", started working in the areas affected by the floods to provide all equipment necessary for people. Regional Director Dr Khalid KARCPP M.Al-Othmani added that schools would be completed at a cost of $ 15 million, to allow children who had difficulty achieving their academic goals forward.

He also said that the organization had distributed school bags and other essential items in 15 000 orphans who are studying in the areas affected by the floods. He said KARCPP had almost completed 2,000 homes worth US $ 9.41 million, and installed a large number of clean drinking water plants in areas of Balochistan and Sindh to assist families affected by floods.

He said a lot of people would also enjoy the health facilities in their area soon. Under the plan, he said that 5,000 homes would be displaced families that are placed in the affected areas. Saudi Arabia had given instructions to facilitate and projects worth millions of dollars to launch the direction of Mohammed Bin Naif Minister of Interior Prince after Saudi Arabia said.