Monday, January 26, 2015

Our education system, without any foreign agenda; PHEC Chairman Dr Nizamuddin

LAHORE: Punjab Board of Higher Education (PHEC) President Dr Nizamuddin said that the colonial system is no longer in the country's fashion and the education system, including development programs are carried out by the Pakistani university community .

Dr Nizamuddin said this at the launch of the "Nau abadiatti Taleemi Dhaanchey ka Tasalsal" a book of Muhammad Masood Khalid, the Institute of Punjabi language, Art and Culture Tuesday.

He said science and technology and the scientific method was the same all over the world and it can be no agenda or political Geographic. He said that sociology can vary from one country to another.

He said it was a misunderstanding in the country that foreign forces to continue their program in the country in funding education.

He said Unesco has not provided funds for the operation of the Education for all but the technical support and seminars, etc. Just as he said that the World Bank does not give grants, but loans, and it was the decision of the government how the money should be spent.

The president said that PHEC fashion were no longer being in the interest of youth when we needed technical skills in the program.

He said the PHEC would also focus on philosophy and social sciences. He said to focus on improving at the same time, primary and secondary education is required.

Inter-University Consortium President Prof. Dr. Nasir Ali said, only eight percent of people were able to graduate. He said that higher education has a major role in countries to implement on the path of development.

In public schools offer poor quality education, he said that the application would automatically created for private schools.

Beacon House National University by Dr. Tariq Rehman, Dr Anwaar Ahmed Ashfaq Saleem Mirza Masood Khalid and writers also spoke.