Saturday, January 31, 2015

NUML group aims to get University of North Texas in United States fellowship

Islamabad: The fourth group of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad, is about to take a fellowship program UNT numl at the University of North Texas in United States claim.

The group of nine young university graduates, scientists and teachers receive their tickets and health cards, participate in the program for two months.

In a simple ceremony, Rector Major General (r) Masood Hasan and Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal tickets and insurance cards issued to MPhil and PhD scholars of English Studies Department, including eight women and one man .

Brigade Chancellor (r) Saeed Akhtar Malik and Dr. Saeed Sheikh, Head of English Studies Department were also present at the ceremony. This group of researchers selected nine numl: University of North Texas (UNT) go January 22, 2015.

This group will continue to research and academic culture at the University is increasing at UNT the Research Grants Program, part of an academic three-year partnership between numl and UNT. A total of 18 students and 26 faculty members visited the scholarship program to date.

In an interview with faculty, Rector Major General (r) Masood Hasan said, that chance was to get to a trust for scientists and assimilate the latest research and pedagogical practices at UNT and then apply them to your own environment and class. In addition, the majority of women in the group would help you get your message that women's education and empowerment was also encouraged and supported in our society. It is your behavior that makes them see your country through your eyes, he added.