Sunday, January 4, 2015

Karachi university hiring old staff again

KARACHI: Despite facing a financial crisis, the University of Karachi has (KU) on the payroll of about 50 retired employees, most of them working as non-teaching staff, sources told Dawn.

Appointment of retired people in so many, according to sources, is not only a source of great frustration for young people in service, but also a significant burden on the cash-strapped University.

Speaking at dawn, university professors that the hiring of retired employees on a contract basis was a violation of the Rules of the Supreme Court and the current financial crisis was worse than some staff to key management positions, including positions that were created, received high salaries, pensions and benefits ,

"Teachers have to wait months before they get money for academic purposes. At the same time, you can see the employees retired set to high salaries again," said a senior professor, adding that the administration of the university has increased recently the rate of overtime without the financial crisis.

According to him, there are three categories for the recruitment of staff retired: some are in their final salary at retirement (approved by the Registrar) employed, some on a fixed salary, others are given by way of fees pension. Well-paid categories are the last two groups, he said.

Teacher accused recruitment of staff retired due to increased political interference in higher education policy and believe that there are cases where the Vice Chancellor of the University has nothing to say.

Some teachers had called a meeting of the Karachi University Teachers Society recently with the Vice-Chancellor, in which, as they said, the Vice-Chancellor reiterated its concern over the shortage of funds and said he had no money to pay the salaries of teachers ,

At the time, they said, administrative positions as Vice-Chancellor, adviser to Vice-Chancellor, Chairman of the KU School of Business, Librarian, Director of Finance, Deputy Director of Finance and Public Relations were all acquired by retired people.

They also pointed violations in hiring and said that there are a number of high appointments for which no approval of the union had been taken, the duty was a university under the Code of.

Citing a recent case, the sources said that the administration of the university, but knowing in the papers according to the rules of the message (assistant public relations) established a committee to select a candidate.

"Later, the administration refused already selected the internal requirements as a person for the position. Now it is said that a notification will be issued soon after his appointment, but no interviews were held for the position," said a teacher.

University teachers also criticism of the alleged nepotism in the recruitment of co-teachers, teaching assistants and teaching staff have now been referred to again is.

University officials did not respond to e-mails with questions about the retired employees in service. On the phone, the Chancellor of the University Dr. Moazzam Ali Khan said briefly: "The Vice-Chancellor of the view that official document can not be shared with [the media]."

Position of Karachi lecturers Society (Kuts) Explain the company's president Prof Kazmi Jameel said that the company carried out in principle against the recruitment of retired staff, but it had in the case of teachers, in order to fill the void created by faculty deficiency.

"There are cases where we do not spare, and the University is obliged to adjust retired employees," he said.

Rent of retired staff, he said, was a common practice in Pakistan and there were ministries and give refuge to both pay retired employees.

Note that the reinstatement of retired employees on a contract basis was banned in the case of Haj corruption by the Supreme Court in 2011.

The court said that the re-employment of retired State for leadership positions was a prima facie violation of the law. It was said that the return to work was tantamount to block the actions of meritorious officers differently and was not conducive to good governance.

Accordingly, the Bank is in charge of the federal and state governments to ensure that people are not engaged on contract in violation of the law. In particular, the practice of officers suck back the pensions should be discouraged.