Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ghost school identification website launched

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch stressed the importance of education management information system (EMIS), to ensure the presence of teachers in schools and to identify ghost schools and to improve quality of education in the province.

In an interview with the website ready Opening Ceremony Published jointly by the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, the Prime Minister said that the goal of the website was to strengthen the system of enriching information and technical upgradation.

With the database of public schools, he said, Emis was designed to provide information on public and private schools and madrasa and the presence of the teachers there.

The Prime Minister said that the place was the first revolutionary step to improve and modernize the education system in the province.

He for the recruitment of staff also noted the adoption of national tests (NTS) in ministries and said that this should also ensure transparency and merit in all ministries and ensure the appointment of officials dedicated, hardworking and honest, the province in the best possible way to serve and to end corruption in government departments.

"Access to information is required in the modern era of technology, and the newly introduced system will help to ensure transparency in the entire system," said Dr. Malik and hopes that the move to make positive changes in the province.

The Prime Minister said that the education sector was suffered much in the past because of the deterioration of law and order, but now the situation has improved a lot, and it would help flourish educational activities in the province and the province would certainly forward with a galloping pace moving.

"It's a matter of pride for me to work in this system not only as Prime Minister, but also as workers," said Dr. Baloch.

Briefing to the Assembly on the objectives of the Website, the Provincial Secretary of Education Abdul Saboor Kakar the site would be in addition to ensure the participation of teachers in schools identify ghost schools.

"This is going to move solid data to a comprehensive plan for schools and colleges and is an important step on the road to modernization of the entire education system in the province," he said.

Provincial Information Minister Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal, Sardar Muhammad Raza Consultant in Education Tahir Mehmood Barech and MPA also spoke on the occasion.