Friday, January 16, 2015

Fifth graders take the centralized examination of next March

PESHAWAR: The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has decided to centralized examinations for the fifth year in public schools to assess students and teachers properly, according to officials.

They said that the centralized examinations for the fifth year would the next annual audits to be launched in March to be performed. Above all, the documents of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) would exist and a small room would be spared for the long question, it said.

Officials said that first of four themes - English, Urdu, mathematics and general science - were selected by the Department of Education for central examinations. The Provincial Education Testing (PEACE), established in the Department of Educational and teaching would set question papers for students in the province, they said.

Officials said that the documents the attempts of fifth graders in the district under the centralized examinations shall be reviewed by teachers from the neighboring district for the first time. The results will be sent to the peace of evaluation of students and teachers, they added.

"Currently, the directors of the schools and colleges for the conduct of tests for fifth graders in elementary schools near their schools are responsible", a district education officer told Dawn. He added that teachers often complain that the process of the fifth year of the evaluation of the students was not successful.

In the centralized examination system, officials said the student class would be promoted purely on performance. Would in the new review system, PEACE perform well, the assessment of student learning outcomes. The assessment would help problems of students and teachers and their gaps are facing in their journey, they said.

The policy could appropriate mechanism for the elimination of damage to develop recognized by the evaluation, they said.

"With the introduction of centralized examination system, teachers and students to focus on their jobs to keep the minimum failure rate, and show a good performance because the documents are reviewed by teachers from another district which also follow the evaluation of PEACE" , an educator who works as head of an educational institution, the. at dawn

However, students have to study public school in the province in a non-supportive environment in every second primary, said an official of the district education. He added that students of different grades in elementary schools to share this classroom.

"How is it possible that two teachers instruct students in six classes from kindergarten through fifth grade," he said.

Not to meet the learning environment in multigrade classes with the standard of education, he said.

Of the 23,073 primary schools in the province, 10,318 work in primary schools in two rooms. "If the government is serious about improving education at the primary level, each class has a teacher and a suitable space be given monitoring and effective supervision," the official said.