Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Biggest unique Pakistani English writers centre

The Kinnaird College for Women recently a center that has a unique archive of published works and unpublished manuscripts Pakistani English writers, including Taufiq Rafat, Kaleem Omar Daud Kamal Qureshi and Zulfikar Ghose Maki.

Officially launched in August last year, the center is called the International Centre for the Pakistani writing in English (ICPWE).

"There are two objectives of the establishment of the center;. To preserve what our authors writing in English or writes to date and project them There is no central Pakistani literature in the English language through the dedicated country, "said Athar Tahir, Director the Center itself poet in his own right with published five collections of English poetry.

He said the center has an archive of Taufiq Rafat has work. Lullabies Punjabi (Lori) that the poet translated into German, but did not publish his notebooks, unpublished poems, notes, photos, books from his personal collection, his typewriter, and a new game.

"During our meetings, sometimes he used to throw poetry far rejected on the pages I have written collection. We have all these poems manuscripts rejected by Rafat with a plan to publish it," said Athar Tahir was supervised by Rafat.

"Kaleem Omar never published any collection of his poems. We gather his poems from his archives that we propose in the next year. We also have all his articles and scientific evidence published in newspapers.

"The family of Kaleem Omar has sent 47 boxes in all his manuscripts in Karachi, including his memoirs unfinished and we have set," said Tahir.

Furthermore Kaleem Omar's poems we have old photographs and the corresponding Downloads, he had kept in his personal computer brought.

The center received books Daud Kamal his wife of Peshawar, his first photographs and books received, he said.

Muneeza Shamsie was the center of his books and Tariq Ali, Yusuf Ali Usman Ilyona Mandi Bahauddin, Adrian A. Hussain sent all their books, he adds.

Speaking of the beginning of the center, said Tahir "Main KC Dr Rukhsana David asked me to join the Academy to teach a few classes, I excused by a retired man. Later, she asked me to college as a permanent member of the teaching staff. I combine the conditions for the creation of this center and she agreed. "

Writers in the region have been producing literature in the English language even before the partition, but the books are rarely published, he said.

"We standardized writers and poets, English and indiginised as Taufiq Rafat, Bapsi Sidhwa, Daud Kamal Qureshi and Maki," said Tahir.

But until the 1970s alone were anthologies Oxford University Press under the direction of Shahid Hussain, indifference to poetry defendant published in English, some of them. People thought that English is the language of the elite, but in the 1990s it has been widely used and accepted by society, he said.

"It bloomed English because English classes and many young writers began to publish. In recent decades, young writers like Kamila Shamsie, Mohsin Hamid and Nadeem Aslam began publishing their work and people began to read throughout the world, "said Tahir.

He said recently, Pakistan literary festivals by storm, but what they do not focus, is a critical and scientific aspect of any piece of literature, because it is a work of criticism.

"The role of criticism in the missing festivals. There is no sustainable scientific efforts to Pakistani writers to study writing in the English language," said Tahir, hoping that the center at Kinnaird fill this gap, providing a platform for those who want to do research on the Pakistani English writers.

"We found the center in August, we had many foreign visitors, including those from India, the US and the UK in the space of a few months," he said. The center will hold an international conference on English writers in March next year, when Zulfikar Ghose will be the keynote speaker.

"Ghose sent first editions of his books with 27 autographs of England," said Tahir.

The center is also a magazine soon, once or twice a year, young writers will start posting sensitivity of the land in Pakistan.