Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Students training for genetic sequencing data in COMSTECH

Karachi, an international bioinformatics workshop three days of the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (bitch) organized in collaboration with COMSTECH ended on Monday.

The main objective of the workshop is to present a practical approach to Ensembl genome browser a more known for the recovery of genomic information and command line options for the analysis of whole genome sequencing data for research that introduce students, postdoctoral fellows and teachers was

An introduction to the Ensembl Genome Browser, complete with demonstrations and practical exercises with the human genome as a reference, was part of the initial workshop components. The high-throughput genotyping analysis and sequencing of the entire genome of human data were also presented in order to promote the use of bioinformatics for health and research in the life sciences.

Researchers and clinicians introduced and trained in the use of Internet resources workshop to analyze the vast amount produced by high-throughput sequencing of genomic DNA data.

The introduction of a genomic revolution in recent years, a number of discoveries made possible both in research and medicine. The latest results will provide many benefits and improvements in human quality of life of the common through diagnosis and personalized treatment.

With the current genomic information, it will be possible to predict and control the sensitivity of a person to a particular disease or infection, so that appropriate intervention to reduce the diagnostic tests and painful and expensive treatments.

This development will reduce costs and increase the efficiency of diagnosis. The workshop also focused on the training of scientists and Pakistani doctors that the genetic approach to clinical practice to translate.

The instructors are Dr. Qasim Ayub, staff scientist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton, UK; Dr. Vincenza Colonna, scientists at the National Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Naples, Italy Research Council; Dr Luca Pagani, postdoc, Biological Anthropology Department at the University of Cambridge, UK; and Dr. Denise Silva Carvalho, Ensembl Outreach Officer at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Hinxton, EMBL, UK.

An online conference was delivered by Dr. Giulietta Spudich, director Ensembl Outreach Project at the European Bioinformatics Institute EMBL-, while the focus of Professor Syed Qasim Mehdi dog was.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GCU awarded two PhD degrees

Lahore, University College Government has awarded two doctorates in physics researchers Lahore.

Completed according to a press release, Azhar Hussain and Mohammed Bashir Fraz their research on "Quantum recently developed kinetic models and their application to some linear electromagnetic and electrostatic plasma modes" and "drift effects on plasma waves."

Monday, December 29, 2014

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senior Minister Inayatullah announces UET campus for Dir

DIR: Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inayatullah said, a campus of the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar (UET) would be approved next year to Upper Dir.

At a ceremony Naat Khwani competition, he said the proposed campus would be set up at a cost of Rs 2 billion in the far field. Direct from Upper Barawal you, he said a certain level school for girls in Barawal would also be set up to allow remote girls to study. The minister, who is also the portfolios of the local administration, the government has designed dozens of development projects for the collection of Upper Dir. He said steps would be in all tehsil of district recreational opportunities for young people must be built.

"There are already a large stadium in you town," he said. He added that the Government Degree College street to the office of the Assistant Commissioner of the long road that says three-mile by you city.The Minister Greenbelt install develop both sides of the road runs out. He added that the funds had been approved for use of roads.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Schools reopened in Nawabshah after ghost teachers comes

Nawabshah: Division Commissioner Benazirabad Jamal Mustafa Syed said that the presence of ghost teachers has improved after the prosecution of the action and attacks against them, whereas closed schools began reopening.

The Commissioner presiding over a meeting of the weekly report against ghosts teachers in the three districts of Shaheed Benazirabad Division.

He warned that the second phase of the campaign, it was with the action against teachers found anywhere, but starting wages in connivance performed with officials of the Ministry of Education. He said that the data of this teacher is not available in the files.

Addressing the meeting, Abdul Aleem Lashari said Deputy Commissioner of the campaign is to save not against a person, but a campaign, the future of the students. He said it would continue until his lawful implementation.

District Education Officer Shaheed Benazirabad Razi Jamali said the 65 teachers who did not exist, but receive their pay each month were persecuted. He said two teachers appeared mysteriously on record after three years.

He said the district chairman accounts data had been called for further review. The administration will not hesitate to bring proceedings against principles if they were found to save, or to get ghost teachers.

District Office Sanghar, Shaheed Benazirabad and Naushehro Feroze said that the convening of reason were issued on charges of lack of duty of 229 teachers and they began to transmit information.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pakistani Students selected for Study in US

Islamabad, US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said Tuesday in studying in the United States selected for informal ambassadors for their country during their stay in America students.

The ambassador made the remarks in a pre-departure orientation of a group of 240 students for the Foundation's bachelor's degree in education in the United States in Pakistan (USEFP) featured here in a local hotel.

Selected students from all over Pakistan to launch a very important experience in the United States, participating during the 2014-15 school year, Olson said. This would give them the opportunity and their American counterparts to learn more about the other country, he added.

"They are the unofficial ambassadors of Pakistan," Olson added that the choice was the best of the best Pakistani students to be a very high level of selection was followed by the USEFP.

Their education in universities and colleges could help them play their role in a stable prosperity and peace in Pakistan US, he said students cheering and excited. "We welcome more than 1,000 Pakistanis in the United States each year on our numerous exchange programs, the beginning shows the depth of our commitment to the youth of Pakistan," said Olson.

Students are the future of Pakistan and all, spending time with them, know they set a high goal for the future of Pakistan, he said.

The first group of global UDegree Pakistan students in the cohort in 2014 was in September this year and will return later this month. The USEFP administers the program, which is funded by the US State Department and invited Pakistani students for one academic semester in colleges and universities to study American.

In his speech Rita Akhtar Executive Director USEFP really shared the most interesting thing about this group of students is that many of these students come from remote or economically depressed areas of Pakistan.

It found that 62 percent of students are women, and the groups are 240 primary and 40 other candidates 2014-15, 92 students from Punjab, Sindh 74, 46 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan 28, 15 Balochistan 9 of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 10 from Fata and 6 of the Islamabad capital Territory.

Students pursuing studies in a variety of disciplines such as the humanities and social sciences, engineering sciences, basic sciences, law, art and design, economics and business, in 50 colleges and various universities in the United States.

The global program UDegree in autumn 2010 on the market when the first group of about 50 students went to the United States. More than 700 students participated in the program so far.

USEFP is a binational commission created in 1950 by the governments of Pakistan and the United States. USEFP mission is to promote mutual understanding between the US and Pakistani people through educational and cultural exchanges. Since its inception 64 years ago, nearly 5,000 Pakistanis and more than 900 Americans have participated in exchange programs USEFP administered.

Friday, December 26, 2014

5th Convocation of Virtual University of Pakistan held

Rawalpindi, the fifth convocation of the Virtual University of Pakistan in three different cities, including Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi and held by video conference. The event was live TV show from Lahore to Rawalpindi Rawalpindi multimedia for their students.

IT Assistant Secretary, Dr. Jamal Yousaf & Vice Chancellor GC University, Lahore, conferred degrees to graduates at the 5th Convocation of the VU at the Expo Centre Lahore. A total of 2,771 undergraduate degree awarded for the success of the various programs. The gold medals and certificates of merit were also awarded to outstanding graduates. All alumni, parents, teachers, prominent personalities from academia, private and public sectors attended the event.

In Lahore, the draft was disclosed by Dr. Jamal Yousaf, Joint Secretary explained in the IT department. The audience cheering for this happy occasion, Dr. Naveed A Malik, Rector VU, welcomed the guests and thanked them profusely Khaliq-ur-Rehman, Dr. Jamal Yousaf and parents met to decorate the right event omen for their presence.

In his welcome address, Dr. Naveed A Malik highlighted the successes of the Virtual University, its leading role in the provision of education and the contribution on the basis of information technology and communication in providing a quality education in remote areas of the country.

Dr. Jamal Yousaf, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Information Technology and Dr. Khaliq-ur-Rehman with Dr. Naveed A. Malik, distributed medals and awards for the best students to celebrate the commitment in their respective disciplines.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Professor Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin appointed Punjab HEC chairman

Islamabad, the Punjab government Tuesday appointed renowned educationist Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin higher education Punjab President of the Commission.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nizamuddin doctorate in public science / social at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (1979), the Ford Foundation scholarship to New York. Early on, he is honored with USAID-SIDA scholarship for graduate studies at the University of Chicago, USA (1969) was awarded.

It has the unique distinction of being awarded by the contribution of the government of higher education in Pakistan, Sitara-i-Imtiaz. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nizamuddin credit has rich experience in working as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gujarat from 2006 to 2014. It also has an additional fee of Vice Chancellor Government College Women University Sialkot given in 2012.

Professor (Dr) Mohammad Nizamuddin took over as vice-chancellor of the University of Gujrat September 19, 2006 on his election by the Governor / Chancellor on the recommendation of a high performance search committee consists of three presidents and other senior officers.

In addition to teaching, he was a member for consideration HEC program committees and revision of curricula for rural sociology and geography.

As Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gujrat, it strengthened the skills of research and teaching teachers and students with the use of computers and multimedia; developed close links and student internships with governments, industry and civil society, to our future managers, executives and decision makers married Prof. Nizam brings with him an excellent academic and administrative record. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MA at the University of Chicago and an honors degree and a Master of Social Work at the University of Karachi.

Immediately after completing his doctorate, he taught as an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Later joined the United Nations and had a successful career. During his career he has been engaged in the management and funding programs for universities and research in public policy centers in building human resource capacity in developing countries.

Professor Nizam took more than 45 years of national and international experience in the field of public policy, research and development of education. These included: the service of the United Nations, universities and research institutes system such as the University of Jordan, Amman, Cairo Demographic Center, Cairo and the University of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He also has experience in working with national and international research organizations, included five SIDA (Swedish Agency for International Development), served with a faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Columbia, New York informed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Modern education universities requires in Khattak

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister Pervez Khattak on Friday urged the principals and teachers from local universities to provide the latest knowledge available to assist students in meeting the needs of the market.

This, he said, will also be home to universities in research and innovation in all areas of life.

He was at a meeting in his office at the Secretariat here to talk CM Swabi University Vice Chancellor Dr Noor Jehan.

Parliament President Asad Qiasar Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai Sports Minister Amjad Afridi, Advisor to the Prime Minister in the planning and development Khaleequr Mian Rehman, MPA Mehmood Jan, chief minister of the president of the complaint cell Al-Hajj Khan Dilroz and other officials were also available at.

The Vice Chancellor presented the annual performance report two years highlighting the achievements and problems of the University of the Prime Minister.

According to a document published here, you told the Chief Minister that the state government would not compromise the quality and the needs of higher education and steps. The government and sufficient proof of his sincerity in order to

He said funds for the construction of the new building of the University of Swabi after purchasing 1,500 channels land along the road at 300 million rupees prices would be available.

Says students should be taught and trained so that they can stand on their own feet
Khattak wherein further adding means ADP would also be used for this purpose.

He accepted the invitation to lay the foundations of the new university building to visit and said that all the leaders of the government coalition and ministers taking part.

The Prime Minister said the government was first, and pay particular attention to the promotion of higher education in the educational emergency in the province.

He said that in the current year, the government had Rs4 billion funds for the creation of an endowment fund for higher education institutions and academic performance of students in the creation of imparting device termination associated Rs1.99 billion for universities chartered Rs3.48 billion, funding and strengthening and establishment of institutions of higher education, Rs1.2 billion to improve the quality of higher education, Rs3 .97 billion to strengthen the ability of colleges and universities, Rs143 million to strengthen the scientific and financial monitoring and Rs213.22 million for Strengthening four years of undergraduate program.

Khattak said the current was the era of competition in all sectors, including education, while the country was competing with neighbors and the international community in the race of development.

He said the information technology and health tourism were in India, which could be also performed well in the country, because it not favor shortage of talent.

"We could leave behind other countries in all fields through hard work," he said.

The Prime Minister said that the task was not that the State was that universities focus all attention on it.

He said that students should learn and how they can stand on their two feet to be trained.

Khattak said the government would take appropriate measures for the supply of gas to the University, the installation of the new power supply and construction of the approach road and a high performance service.

Called that day, delegations of the GPA and old from different parts of the country to the Chief Minister and briefed him about the problems and needs of the respective regions.

Khattak visitors ensured quick solution to their problems.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lack of girls schools and teachers in Shangla

ALPURI: lack of schools and teachers were involved in abject poverty emerged as the biggest obstacles to girls' education in Shangla.

Residents made more than two-thirds of girls in education district after the eighth grade to stop.

According to them, the dropout rate for girls is very high compared to other less developed districts of the province. In the district of Swat valley is bordered by the population has access to basic services and economic opportunities are poor. According to the people, 80 percent of the district's population lives below the poverty line. Many residents work in the country coal mines, especially in the tribal areas and Balochistan, to earn a living for the family.

Ministry of Education officials say give up about 80 percent of girls in education Shangla after eighth grade test because of a lack of schools and the second because of extreme poverty.

Only five percent of girls receiving only four girls in secondary schools in the district, the rest will be entered in boys' schools.

Officials say that public schools for girls in Shangla total of 193. Of these, 168 elementary, 21 middle, four high and two high schools. The number of girls, there are 15 998. Approximately 26,700 girls studying in boys' schools.

Mah Noor, a 10th grader Chakesar Boys High School, like many other girls in the area, they wanted to education, poverty and lack of schools in the county had more on training limited eighth grade.

"There is a public school for girls in the region Chakesar but short of teachers. The school has no other facilities," she said. Residents Haji Azeem Khan complained to the district did not have a single degree college for girls. He said the creation of a girls college degree was planned in 2008, but the plan was abandoned by diverting funds for reconstruction projects in the earthquake.

The Local said the 2005 earthquake destroyed 70 percent of the local schools. "Only 28 destroyed schools have been built up again," he said, adding that only two of the seven students were washed by flash floods rebuilt.

People said that there are only two high schools for girls in the villages and Alooch Lewanai where most teaching has long been unoccupied.

They complained that they had asked the legislature to intervene in the region again and again to provide better educational opportunities for girls available, but in vain.

When contacted, said WD (female) Parveen Rehman elementary schools in the district were short of 65 teachers.

She said that among the vacancies were two directors, four directors, 20 experts in the field, six English teachers a high level of IT teachers and 11 science teachers. WD, the National Testing Service would be said hired to fill vacancies.

She said the department would ensure quick delivery of the best facilities for schools. Ms. Parveen not understand half of the teachers and their courses so that they would receive the necessary training for the benefit of the students.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Oxford University Press launches School Textbooks and Supplementary Readers Catalogue for 2015

Oxford University Press (OUP) is pleased to announce the launch of "textbooks and supplementary reading books catalog for 2015" known. This catalog includes additional textbooks and readers OUP China, India and Pakistan, published as part of Asia to form the Department of Education and Oxford Fajar (Malaysia). The launch will take place in the media a Hotel December 10, 2014, 08.45 bis 05.00 clock clock instead.

The event will feature the textbooks, supplementary readers and digital resources published by Education in Asia (OUP China, India and Pakistan) for the whole of India, Pakistan and Arab schools. This is an ideal opportunity for educators in the United Arab Emirates, to come together to share their experiences and expertise, and through Asia educational resources.

As part of the launch, OUP organized "Shaping Learning Together," a symposium for educators, which brings the estimated OUP author Nicholas Horsbourgh in Dubai to organize a workshop on improving learning and the education, followed by China trainers, India, Pakistan and great Britain presented the latest products and teaching strategies in their areas.

An exhibition of books by OUP China, India, Pakistan, and released on site will be organized throughout the day. Oxford consultants from these countries will be on hand to talk through each of these ads.

Nathan Beaton, Oxford University Press Education Consultant based in Dubai, will lead the new educational approach and will be officially presented to the education community UAE under the leadership of Managing Director Ameena Saiyid OBE.

Nathan, who has worked in the UAE for a number of years laise directly with schools and support them by all means.

The launch will end with a lunch prepared by a chef, a raffle and sale of gift bags.

This is a unique opportunity to bring together the community of teaching and discuss best resources and strategies for learning and teaching in the school. The "manuals and additional drives catalog for 2015" allows institutions to target the needs of students through the extent and variety of tools and services.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

FJMC gets warning of closure by PMDC

LAHORE: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) warned Fatima Jinnah Medical College in PMDC Amendment Regulations 2012 on the lack of teachers and other alleged defects for women (FJMC) Lahore, the process in a "Notice of recognition" .dropoff window

In addition to local students, less than 300 budding doctors approved by the CMGP against seats allocated each year from countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE, Palestine , Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, USA, UK and Australia

In response to the announcement PMDC, warning the prestigious institution of some big penalties, including reconnaissance, closing and transfer of other medical school students, primary Prof. CMGP Dr. Fakhar Imam immediately wrote to the authorities about the consequences of taking such action "aggressive" against them.

After Ms. Fatima Jinnah Named 1948 all-female institution attached to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, who runs one of the most important institutions in the province Gyne-related health services.

A senior official said Aurore had FJMC before a severe shortage of experienced teachers in the last decade. The official said the college administration's failure to solve the problem despite repeated warnings of the PMDC.

Unfortunately, he said, the cancellation of the PMDC warning came at a time when the fall in the collection of this great institution in the rank of the university was in the final phase.

He said the PMDC strongly snubbed the CMGP management and the Punjab government for not overcome the shortage of teachers. Many courses, university students were to MBBS and BDS Lead on the verge of closing due to lack of experienced teachers, he added.

Keeping in view the complaints received by the PMDC, the Council had a team of senior officials to conduct detailed audits CMGP medical and dental fields, professors and other related components, the facts in order to bring light.

The official said, according to the PMDC criteria, the inspection team was only 185.4 points out of a total of 300 on the FJMC. The Council urges the parties concerned by the report of the College of representatives of the low score of government.

City mentioned by the report, the announcement PMDC six college departments were working almost without teachers.

The PMDC team stressed, "was the anatomy department of CMGP short by a professor, two staff members and five assistant professors. Similarly, the pathology was confronted with the teacher shortage, three employees and five teachers assistants, Biochemistry two employees and three assistant professors, Pharmacology professor, two employees and three assistant professors, community medicine units, one on each teacher and lecturer, forensic (units) four teachers, staff and faculty, Department medicine (units) three members and three senior physicians, pediatric clinic (units) two teachers, two employees and two senior physicians, department of Ophthalmology (units) of two teachers per employee Registrar any ENT department also work without teacher ".

Quoted by Article 2012 of the change in the PMDC Ordinance of 1962 25 (A), a notice given of the great Council sanctions for CMGP in phases, including the interruption of the other entries in school, withdrawal of recognition and Institute closure. He warned that students admitted FJMC could be transferred to other public medical colleges in the country.

CMGP main Prof. Dr. Fakhar Imam was absent calls to her for her attitude.

Punjab Health Minister Jawad Rafique Malik said he had already taken serious notice of the issue, such as the Department knew, "why" of the PMDC has taken action against the medical institutions of Punjab.

He said the PMDC similar measures against other medical schools in the province, the Ministry of Health has already taken steps to improve the functioning of these institutions by many radical measures.

"I have the (main FJMC) appointed Prof Fakhar Imam faculty, by the clerk to the professor, organize all (free) teaching the absence of the prestigious medical institution, without wasting more time to fill overcome "he said.

Malik said the Ministry of Health would contact the device until the contribution of older doctors warn against all vacancies on derecognition or any other penalty by the PMDC.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Schoolgirl in India moves court against teacher

NEW DELHI: A class 5 girls against his teacher moved the Delhi High Court for slapping and humiliating him in front of his class after arriving at school with two ponytails, said a lawyer Sunday.

Pooja, an economically weaker section (EWS) student was beaten on 21 November by his teacher Dolly Mayo International School of Patparganj in East Delhi for some trivial reason, said a petition filed by lawyer Ashok Agarwal.

The petition said the professor humiliated him in front of the whole class for the "funny absurd reason," she came to school with two ponytails.

When her mother objected, the girl was suspended indefinitely from the school, said the lawyer. Despite persistent requests and Persuasion refused to school, revoke the suspension, he said.

"The action that is the applicant to suspend students from school completely illegal, apparently illogical and violation of the rights of children to free and compulsory education law (RTE), 2009," said attorney in the petition and sought against the school.

The proposal - which says the law discriminates against students EWS - is likely to come to hear on Monday before the High Court.

Friday, December 19, 2014

University of Gujrat facing problems

GUJRAT: The University of Gujrat (UOG) faces a series of questions about their new administrative issues is supposed to run randomly.

Four hundred contract workers and daily wages of the University of Gujrat (UOG) worked without pay for the last four months as a technical error by the Registrar Office in the renewal letters from their jobs being said, the main reason for the delay in the release of wages.

Moreover, at least 58 contract workers BPS-17-20 were released by the Vice-Chancellor Dr Faheem Malik Acting about a month ago, while the high school staff under the influence fear not the question of raising their salaries.

Sources said the government had UOG renewal letter from the extension of the contract work and day laborers, about four months ago, and ironically, all letters were issued concerning the conditions of regular employees.

The contract and daily workers if the renewal signed letters, but the concerned department that covers wages, raised objections to the registration and held wages.

But the office of chancellor who had actually been issued notifications promised the new letter to the terms and conditions of the contract and daily wage employees, but after four months, he could not give a fixed job alerts, and about 400 people were working without pay.

About 58 officers of the Treaty BPS-17-20 were also after canceling at the University of five to eight years, as acting VC Dr Faheem Malik their contracts with the words that the University does not require their services, such as lost their job a month back.

It is learned that senior university officials who are near the former VC Muhammad Nizamuddin, who retired on October 10 by the government of the victims.

Students residing in hostels women UOG put a strong protest two days ago against the transfer of their inns controllers in addition to passing the business of the existence of these inns women to a contractor for the first time in the history of the university as before students Committee ran the hostel mess affairs.

Called A delegation of students protesting also come to the acting VC and informed of their reserves on providing exposure to a contractor.

Official sources told Dawn had committed irregularities in the acquisition of the chaos that the offer was not printed in at least two national daily newspapers, and only appear on the website of the PPRA, adding that the contract over RS1M to have at least two national daily newspapers to be known, and said Rs1.15m contract was a woman entrepreneur who received no experience with the implementation of such an undertaking.

It is interesting that the woman entrepreneur should the wife of a male entrepreneur, who is said because his university administration blue eyes long time, and it is the only one who was providing the furniture was in University since its inception,

UOG access in a private home, featured in Ameer Hussain feces around his Hafiz Hayat Campus for the construction of a hostel for students, but without any of these rules and the issuance of tenders for the purchase of building to a private hostel is objective, reliable sources that the same contractor had provided the furniture of this building.

Following the retirement of Dr. Nizam, the Punjab government had, however, lecturer Dr. Faheem Malik scored the Punjab Deputy Chief Minister of the VC UOG would have approved the appointment of Professor Zaiul Qayyum, Director FAST Faisalabad / Chiniot campus as the VC of the UOG but formal notification is issued not by the Ministry of Higher Education, Punjab.

A senior official at the UOG and asked not to be named, said Dr. Faheem Malik acting VC had taken important decisions constantly, even knowing that approval for the deployment of the new VC already made by the Punjab CM .dropoff window

Professor Abul Sheikh Rasheed, the speaker and other offices of the UOG, denied any kind of irregularities in the university affairs, said that to the extent the issue of delay involved in wages, Clerk had constantly work to complete the process and I hope that the staff would receive wages in the coming week. He said the contract employees who were dismissed because of the exam objection had repressed.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

IoBM convocation: 850 get degrees

KARACHI: They walked proudly, shoulders straight, his head in beige, blue, purple robes with all borders and uniform caps ajrak pressure with different colored tassels in the convening of the capital.

The 17th meeting of the Institute of Administration (IoBM) on Sunday was another flagship of Shahjehan S. Karim, president and founder of the Business School, merit certificates and degrees were awarded around 850 candidates.

"Be proud of what you have accomplished, be thankful for the ones that you have success and never forget to help to help others," said Major Areeba Zaidi, a BBA (Honors) student and winner of the gold medal Janmohammad Dawood during his speech in which she thanked the leadership, faculty and Director of the Institute with his parents.

"Your mother is your policy and your father your ATM card, but no more excuses or withdrawal and no regrets as you move forward to become champion from now on your destiny. Your future is in your hands to take control and make the best of it, "she said.

Engro Aliuddin Ansari in his speech emphasized the class in 2014 they were now in a position to help others. "You are privileged one of 0.1 percent. You have achieved so far and there is no question that you will not be able to be successful later in life. But what can you achieve? What are the effects who in the world can "? He said.

"Please think more of your life than just a good job. You need to balance your comfort by taking care of other social needs. There's no one above you and not you is below. Treat everyone as equal. This is the rule to find success . But if you face failure, do not forget that the failure is to learn, "he said.

Finally, the Minister Sindh for senior education and literacy Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said that 17 deficiencies IoBM he had taken part 10 and said the same thing every time. "You start with your studies and done a practical life. Make your country proud!"

Earlier in his welcome address congratulated the Chancellor Elahi Bux Soomro IoBM the students he was at the age of his grandchildren. He also praised Shahjehan S. Karim, President IoBM that something so interesting support such a large educational institution conducted after his retirement in the 1990s.

Karim presented the annual report.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Punjab government provid Rs150 million for schools in Cholistan area

Bahawalpur: The Punjab government has provided a sum of RS 150 million for the construction of buildings 75 informal community schools in the Cholistan area.

This was declared by the District Coordination Officer Imran Baloch Sikandar here Saturday at the distribution ceremony of school and other educational materials bags for children in the village 29 / BC.

Manages took the ACD, the construction of buildings informal schools across the Punjab government "Project Cholistan literate" and now the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) was to be completed within a year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Result 2017 PEC

BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Results 2017 Muzaffargarh Board, Layyah Board, Rajanpur Board Latest Updates PEC 5th Class Results 2017 will be available at this page on 31st March 2017 (Friday). Stay with us for more news and updates.

BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Result 2017

BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Result 2015
Dera Ghazi Khan Board can announce the 5th class result 2017 on March 31 for all the registered regular and personal students. The annual exams of sophistication five were conducted in February by DG Khan Board below the oversight of Punjab Examination Commission (PEC). Currently PEC is taking steps to finish the method of PEC BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Result 2017. The commission declared the result on fastened date that's March thirty first. We are going to transfer the result right here as shortly because it are declared. Keep connected with us for additional details.

Check online BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Result 2017 here

Pec 5th Class Result BISE dg khan Board 2017

5th Class Result 2017 BISE DG Khan Board
The Punjab Examination Commission was created in 2005 by the govt. of Punjab and has authority to assess and examine the performance of fifth and eighth grade. PEC starts the registration method once the summer break and therefore the method is completed at the education offices of individual districts. The forms also can be downloaded from the official web site. The body problems date sheet and organize exams within the month of February per annum. Currently the method of declaration of PEC BISE DG Khan Board 5th Class Result 2017 is current. PEC conjointly organizes refresher courses for lecturers and different officers concerned in teaching learning method. Teachers, paper developers, examiners, subject specialists and paper manufacturers conjointly keep updated themselves with the new developments. PEC provides coaching to master trainers and that they additional deliver the abilities to move masters all told the district of Punjab. It’s the responsibility of head lecturers to share their data with fellow lecturers.

DG Khan Board Pec 5th Class

BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017 PEC

BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017 Kasur Board, Nankana Sahib Board, Oraka Board, Sheikhupura Board Latest Updates PEC 8th Class Results 2017 will be available at this page on 31st March 2017 (Friday). Stay with us for more news and updates.

BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017

BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017
Punjab Examination Commission can announce the BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017 on March 31 for the annual exams. The ultimate exams were organized in Feb 2017 by Lahore Board. All the updates of result are transfer right here. On March thirty first the eighth category result are proclaimed for all the scholars of metropolis whether or not regular or non-public. Several students should keep in grips with inducing the careful result on result announcement day.

Check online BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017 here

Pec 8th Class Result BISE lahore Board 2017

8th Class Result 2017 BISE Lahore Board
The examining body at elementary and middle level, Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) was came into being in 2005 and since then it's conducting the fifth and eighth category exams. Before the institution of PEC there was associate authority to prepare the exams at primary and middle level that was Director Public directions (DPI). DPI was accountable to produce pointers for the physical phenomenon of Grade V and VIII exams and model question papers for these levels. The PEC BISE Lahore Board 8th Class Result 2017 are going to be declared on March 31, 2017. The examining body can declare the result on the set date and each year results are proclaimed on mounted date.

Lahore Board Pec 8th Class

BISE Lahore Board 5th Class Result 2017 PEC

BISE Lahore Board 5th Class Result 2017 Kasur Board, Nankana Sahib Board, Oraka Board, Sheikhupura Board Latest Updates PEC 5th Class Results 2017 will be available at this page on 31st March 2017 (Friday). Stay with us for more news and updates.

BISE Lahore Board 5th Class Result 2017

BISE Lahore Board 5th Class Result 2017
The 5th class annual exams every year conducted by Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) below the supervising of Lahore Board. For the year 2017 the 5th class annual exams were conducted in the first week of Feb and now PEC is making ready the results. BISE Lahore Board 5th Class Result 2017 is going to be declared on March 31st, 2017 for all the districts functioning below its supervising. Once the result are going to be declared we are going to upload it right here. Keep involved with us to get result updates.

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Pec 5th Class Result BISE lahore Board 2017

5th Class Result 2017 BISE Lahore Board
Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is associate authoritative body of Punjab province and there are nine (09) boards functioning including BISE Lahore. PEC contains the authority responsibility to issue the roll variety slips and conducts the exams. The executive body develops the papers for final exams and gets them printed and sends to each board. It ensures that each one the scholars tried the paper in a very honest and unbiased setting. PEC is accountable to issues the schedule for primary and middle classes and for this purpose there are several authorities to hold the exams. These administrators held the final exams and announce the results. In BISE Lahore Board the fifth and eight class annual examinations are conducted by Lahore Board. Now PEC BISE Lahore Board 5th Class Result 2017 goes to be declared on March 31, 2017 for all the affiliated regions.

Lahore Board Pec 5th Class

BISE Bahawalpur Board 8th Class Result 2017 PEC

BISE Bahawalpur Board 8th Class Results 2017 Bahawalnagar Board Rahim Yar Khan Board Latest Updates PEC 8th Class Results 2017 will be available at this page on 31st March 2017 (Friday). Stay with us for more news and updates.

BISE Bahawalpur Board 8th Class Result 2017

BISE Bahawalpur Board 8th Class Result 2017
All the scholars appeared within the eighth category exams 2017 of Bahawalpur Board are sophisticated here that Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) can announce the result on March thirty one. once a year PEC declares the results of middle level exams within the month of March and arranged the exams in Feb. PEC takes one or over one month in result announcement. Currently PEC is finalizing the PEC BISE Bahawalpur Board 8th class Result 2017 which can be declared before long. Result awaiting students should keep involved with us for additional details of 8th Class Result 2017.

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Pec 8th Class Result BISE bahawalpur Board 2017

8th Class Result 2017 BISE Bahawalpur Board
Annually Bahawalpur Board organizes the elementary and middle level exams below the direction of Punjab Examination Commission (PEC). PEC is an autonomous body since 2005 and came into being by the orders of presidency of Punjab. The aim for the institution of PEC was to look at the first and middle commonplace education. Every year, all the exams are organized in a very truthful and clear means and once the precise period PEC declares the results. PEC BISE Bahawalpur Board 8th Class Result 2017 can announce the 8th class Result 2017 before long and would be accessible at our web site additionally because the official web site of PEC. PEC conjointly conducts the workshops and seminars for the academics impartation education within the joined colleges.

Bahawalpur Board Pec 8th Class