Friday, December 19, 2014

University of Gujrat facing problems

GUJRAT: The University of Gujrat (UOG) faces a series of questions about their new administrative issues is supposed to run randomly.

Four hundred contract workers and daily wages of the University of Gujrat (UOG) worked without pay for the last four months as a technical error by the Registrar Office in the renewal letters from their jobs being said, the main reason for the delay in the release of wages.

Moreover, at least 58 contract workers BPS-17-20 were released by the Vice-Chancellor Dr Faheem Malik Acting about a month ago, while the high school staff under the influence fear not the question of raising their salaries.

Sources said the government had UOG renewal letter from the extension of the contract work and day laborers, about four months ago, and ironically, all letters were issued concerning the conditions of regular employees.

The contract and daily workers if the renewal signed letters, but the concerned department that covers wages, raised objections to the registration and held wages.

But the office of chancellor who had actually been issued notifications promised the new letter to the terms and conditions of the contract and daily wage employees, but after four months, he could not give a fixed job alerts, and about 400 people were working without pay.

About 58 officers of the Treaty BPS-17-20 were also after canceling at the University of five to eight years, as acting VC Dr Faheem Malik their contracts with the words that the University does not require their services, such as lost their job a month back.

It is learned that senior university officials who are near the former VC Muhammad Nizamuddin, who retired on October 10 by the government of the victims.

Students residing in hostels women UOG put a strong protest two days ago against the transfer of their inns controllers in addition to passing the business of the existence of these inns women to a contractor for the first time in the history of the university as before students Committee ran the hostel mess affairs.

Called A delegation of students protesting also come to the acting VC and informed of their reserves on providing exposure to a contractor.

Official sources told Dawn had committed irregularities in the acquisition of the chaos that the offer was not printed in at least two national daily newspapers, and only appear on the website of the PPRA, adding that the contract over RS1M to have at least two national daily newspapers to be known, and said Rs1.15m contract was a woman entrepreneur who received no experience with the implementation of such an undertaking.

It is interesting that the woman entrepreneur should the wife of a male entrepreneur, who is said because his university administration blue eyes long time, and it is the only one who was providing the furniture was in University since its inception,

UOG access in a private home, featured in Ameer Hussain feces around his Hafiz Hayat Campus for the construction of a hostel for students, but without any of these rules and the issuance of tenders for the purchase of building to a private hostel is objective, reliable sources that the same contractor had provided the furniture of this building.

Following the retirement of Dr. Nizam, the Punjab government had, however, lecturer Dr. Faheem Malik scored the Punjab Deputy Chief Minister of the VC UOG would have approved the appointment of Professor Zaiul Qayyum, Director FAST Faisalabad / Chiniot campus as the VC of the UOG but formal notification is issued not by the Ministry of Higher Education, Punjab.

A senior official at the UOG and asked not to be named, said Dr. Faheem Malik acting VC had taken important decisions constantly, even knowing that approval for the deployment of the new VC already made by the Punjab CM .dropoff window

Professor Abul Sheikh Rasheed, the speaker and other offices of the UOG, denied any kind of irregularities in the university affairs, said that to the extent the issue of delay involved in wages, Clerk had constantly work to complete the process and I hope that the staff would receive wages in the coming week. He said the contract employees who were dismissed because of the exam objection had repressed.