Thursday, January 1, 2015

Universities needs to start new courses, career counsellor Syed Abidi

LAHORE, urged renowned educator and consultant Syed Abidi career colleges and universities in Pakistan to programs on demand and market-oriented mixed specializations keeping in view the local and global trends imagine.

He was at a seminar on industrial competitiveness of Pakistan and Global Opportunities Research Fellowship "in collaboration with Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) talk organized in the auditorium of the room until Monday.

Syed Abidi gave a detailed speech with a focus for students, for niches and specialization in the wake of new trends and developments to go around the world. "Except niche or specialization, your identity is not strong," he said to the students while explaining that today's employers are looking for people where they spend the minimum for their education are looking for.

According to him, are some of the many benefits of taking niche disciplines and better career opportunities (both within the country and outside), more likely to do research / PhD and creating its own market, ie entrepreneurship.

But regrets that Pakistan was in training as a race and not seen as a journey, he also spoke about the role of parents in the career of their children.

Syed Abidi, who is the recipient of the most prestigious civilian award-e-Imtiaz tamgha says that our universities have the potential to act as engines of growth have the need for closer cooperation between universities and companies emphasized. He stressed the need to define and found that it not rocket science involved in the process holding the curriculum for new applications new. He suggested that the finished component skills should be integrated into our degree.

One of the aspects that were covered in the presentation of Abidi to career planning from the perspective of the students in which he spoke, especially emerging areas such as security and development conflicts, terrorism and political violence, risk management, which has been linked Islamic banking, mobile banking, mobile and high-speed telecommunications networks, forensic digital, Internet Security and Networks, renewable energy, sustainable energy management, genetics, cell biology, molecular biology and artificial breeding, etc.

Abidi, who represented Pakistan in more than 100 seminars, conferences and national and international bodies, said it was regrettable that our universities are not worn areas despite the strong demand of people in areas of the country and abroad. His presentation also contain information about the target industry and graduate scholarships for Pakistani students all over the world especially in the EU Member States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia, etc. He said more than £ 249 million scholarships for foreign students to were available.

Syed Abidi also shared important information with students to apply for scholarships and stressed well written and vision, many scholarships say could not be delivered, lack of proper guidance. The importance of a resume / CV He is a student asked to read and read the instructions for scholarships.

Despite winter holiday early in the campus this year, the event also dozens of students from different universities, was the relevant questions put at the end visited.

Earlier, the LCCI President Ijaz Mumtaz welcomed guest speakers and participants during Chairman of the Board Youth Forum (EYF) Rehmatullah Javed and others were also present on the occasion.