Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rawalpindi education department ban use of mobile phones in schools

RAWALPINDI: The Department of Education Rawalpindi, the use of mobile phones banned in schools, what problems for teachers.

To ensure the implementation of the ban, head teachers and school heads were directed to collect the mobile phones of all teachers in the morning assembly and return them at the end of the school year.

"Yesterday our headmaster told us that we are not allowed to use mobile phones to school. It garnered mobile games from us in the morning and returned to the day later," said a professor of Government Girls High School Dhoke Hassu.

When contacted, confirmed the Executive Board District Officer (Education) Zahoorul Haq the ban.

"Yes, we have made the decision because there were reports that the teachers were on mobile phones loss of time during the school year. The decision was made in the best interest of students. Infringing the prohibition can provide suspension."

The EDO said in the past, the department had tried to verify the use of mobile phones in classrooms, but not seriously taken the guidelines, the majority of teachers.

"To ensure that the ban is implemented, we were left with no choice but to collect the headmaster directly to mobile groups of teachers in the assembly."

He said, in an emergency, teachers can use their mobile phones with the permission of the principles.

"We agree that mobile phones not be allowed in the classrooms, but teachers should not be stopped with them outside the classroom," said Hamid Ali Shah, the president of the Punjab Teachers Union Rawalpindi said.

"There should be a ban on the use of mobile phones in classrooms, but ask teachers, their mobile phones with school leaders to deposit every morning no sense. Teachers can decide when they can use a mobile phone," said Raja Shahid, a school teacher.

Responsible for training in the area, do not want to be named, said the majority of teachers used cell phones in classrooms and do not pay attention to their classes.

"It must have administrative mechanisms to verify the teachers to use mobile phones during the school day."

He added that a violation of the ban can make the suspension by the Law on the efficiency, discipline and accountability of Punjab employees.

In answer to a question, the official said that there is already a ban on the use of mobile phones by students in the classroom.

"In general, public school students do not have mobile phones. If someone with a cell phone in class, we were on our reference and warn," he said.