Monday, December 22, 2014

Oxford University Press launches School Textbooks and Supplementary Readers Catalogue for 2015

Oxford University Press (OUP) is pleased to announce the launch of "textbooks and supplementary reading books catalog for 2015" known. This catalog includes additional textbooks and readers OUP China, India and Pakistan, published as part of Asia to form the Department of Education and Oxford Fajar (Malaysia). The launch will take place in the media a Hotel December 10, 2014, 08.45 bis 05.00 clock clock instead.

The event will feature the textbooks, supplementary readers and digital resources published by Education in Asia (OUP China, India and Pakistan) for the whole of India, Pakistan and Arab schools. This is an ideal opportunity for educators in the United Arab Emirates, to come together to share their experiences and expertise, and through Asia educational resources.

As part of the launch, OUP organized "Shaping Learning Together," a symposium for educators, which brings the estimated OUP author Nicholas Horsbourgh in Dubai to organize a workshop on improving learning and the education, followed by China trainers, India, Pakistan and great Britain presented the latest products and teaching strategies in their areas.

An exhibition of books by OUP China, India, Pakistan, and released on site will be organized throughout the day. Oxford consultants from these countries will be on hand to talk through each of these ads.

Nathan Beaton, Oxford University Press Education Consultant based in Dubai, will lead the new educational approach and will be officially presented to the education community UAE under the leadership of Managing Director Ameena Saiyid OBE.

Nathan, who has worked in the UAE for a number of years laise directly with schools and support them by all means.

The launch will end with a lunch prepared by a chef, a raffle and sale of gift bags.

This is a unique opportunity to bring together the community of teaching and discuss best resources and strategies for learning and teaching in the school. The "manuals and additional drives catalog for 2015" allows institutions to target the needs of students through the extent and variety of tools and services.