Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Modern education universities requires in Khattak

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister Pervez Khattak on Friday urged the principals and teachers from local universities to provide the latest knowledge available to assist students in meeting the needs of the market.

This, he said, will also be home to universities in research and innovation in all areas of life.

He was at a meeting in his office at the Secretariat here to talk CM Swabi University Vice Chancellor Dr Noor Jehan.

Parliament President Asad Qiasar Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai Sports Minister Amjad Afridi, Advisor to the Prime Minister in the planning and development Khaleequr Mian Rehman, MPA Mehmood Jan, chief minister of the president of the complaint cell Al-Hajj Khan Dilroz and other officials were also available at.

The Vice Chancellor presented the annual performance report two years highlighting the achievements and problems of the University of the Prime Minister.

According to a document published here, you told the Chief Minister that the state government would not compromise the quality and the needs of higher education and steps. The government and sufficient proof of his sincerity in order to

He said funds for the construction of the new building of the University of Swabi after purchasing 1,500 channels land along the road at 300 million rupees prices would be available.

Says students should be taught and trained so that they can stand on their own feet
Khattak wherein further adding means ADP would also be used for this purpose.

He accepted the invitation to lay the foundations of the new university building to visit and said that all the leaders of the government coalition and ministers taking part.

The Prime Minister said the government was first, and pay particular attention to the promotion of higher education in the educational emergency in the province.

He said that in the current year, the government had Rs4 billion funds for the creation of an endowment fund for higher education institutions and academic performance of students in the creation of imparting device termination associated Rs1.99 billion for universities chartered Rs3.48 billion, funding and strengthening and establishment of institutions of higher education, Rs1.2 billion to improve the quality of higher education, Rs3 .97 billion to strengthen the ability of colleges and universities, Rs143 million to strengthen the scientific and financial monitoring and Rs213.22 million for Strengthening four years of undergraduate program.

Khattak said the current was the era of competition in all sectors, including education, while the country was competing with neighbors and the international community in the race of development.

He said the information technology and health tourism were in India, which could be also performed well in the country, because it not favor shortage of talent.

"We could leave behind other countries in all fields through hard work," he said.

The Prime Minister said that the task was not that the State was that universities focus all attention on it.

He said that students should learn and how they can stand on their two feet to be trained.

Khattak said the government would take appropriate measures for the supply of gas to the University, the installation of the new power supply and construction of the approach road and a high performance service.

Called that day, delegations of the GPA and old from different parts of the country to the Chief Minister and briefed him about the problems and needs of the respective regions.

Khattak visitors ensured quick solution to their problems.