Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Media student workshop held at Bahria University

Islamabad, Rutgers WPF, Pakistan, in collaboration with Masro, a two-day workshop in Bahria University on the short film / documentary production on child marriages, domestic violence and HIV and AIDS part SRHR FOCUS project. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of media students and their understanding to strengthen these social issues, says a press release.

With the introduction of SRHR FOCUS Mudabbir Maajid project, Rutgers WPF Communications Officer, said that the project will contribute to future media professionals understand the importance of social issues in the media and how they should be treated. He added that "through a competition have young media students the opportunity to showcase their talents and help raise awareness on these issues.

Dr. Farzana Bari women's rights activist said 'childbearing is the responsibility of women, education of children is an equal responsibility of men and women. "She said, inequality" between the sexes in Pakistan are perpetuated by the media, patriarchal structures of society and false interpretations of religion.

"Gender roles are defined the roles that need to be changed learned behavior instinctive behavior. Company," said Dr. Farzana Bari.

Renowned religious scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamidi during his speech on skype, says Islam is the equality of men and women equal opportunities in education. Do you even lift

Ghia Akram, a media brief professional aspects of production, such as students turn their idea of the short film / documentary in practical form. He also highlighted the potential of the documentary at the international level.

Seniors anchor Reham Khan, referring to the book "My Feudal Lord said that domestic violence is a concern of groups to see low-income, while women in the higher income groups more pressure especially those belonging to the family, feudal to cope with the violence.