Friday, December 5, 2014

Many schools in Baluchistan are lack of basic facilities

QUETTA: The education authorities at a seminar Monday for allegedly pay more to Ministry staff criticized spend institutions improvement fund.

Speaker lamented the state schools, especially for girls, where even the toilets were not accessible students and teachers.

A rural Balochistan NGO funding (BRSP) organized the seminar entitled "The participation of the rural population in Balochistan in the development process."

Advice to the Chief Minister for Education Sardar Mohammad Raza Barech said about 12,000 villages of even a single school were deprived due to shortage of funds.

He appealed to the private sector, politicians and tribal leaders to establish schools in their respective fields to help, who admitted that many schools the girls do not have the basic facilities.

He said that the funds in Balochistan have been spent on teacher salaries are in the billions, but their performance was zero, since a large number of teachers remained absent. However, the government was doing everything possible to provide maximum facilities in schools, he added.

Promotion of education would be possible only if the private sector, NGOs, donor organizations and philanthropists have helped to create basic equipment for schools run by the government,

The transfer of power to the union of the Council, and the provision of essential goods in rural areas was the most urgent, he said.