Monday, December 15, 2014

Khyber teachers service books are missing

Landi Kotal: Service books of 40 teachers, including women, are missing in Khyber Agency after they have been subjected to a doctoral committee of teachers in February this year to the seniority list.

To remain anonymous for fear of disciplinary action taken by the Directorate of Education, Fata, a number of teachers involved in Bara, Jamrud and Landi Kotal told Dawn that they denied their service books, despite requests repeated the Agency for the office of education in Jamrud.

The teachers have accused the agency of teacher training for controversial advice, showing two rival groups of the teachers union.

In accordance with the upgradation policy by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced that the Committee has been formed.

The teachers said that despite its reservations to the Commission, the teachers were asked to submit their service books for the completion of the seniority list.

Service books were While the upgradation process of teachers in Fata was abruptly suspended by the Fata Secretariat on some of the legal and technical reasons in June did not return to the teacher in the Khyber Agency, the teacher concerned said.

When contacted granted OAS Ateequr Rehman dawn that some of the missing records, but threw the assistant responsible for the education agency (AAEOs) Bara and Jamrud and AAEO (female) by sources intentionally service books for teachers.

Rehman said that these officers are now calling teachers whose Rs50,000 Service books were missing.

Naseer Afridi, head of the inquiry, said they received the service books of all teachers available, but insisted that they were taken over by the AAEOs.

Khalid Afridi, former president of the Association of Professors of Landi Kotal threw the request of teachers of the control board to plead their case for promotion.