Saturday, December 6, 2014

Islamic University decide to stop offering MA Islamic Studies classes

ISLAMABAD: International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) decided to stop offering his MA in Islamic studies courses in Urdu, but keep in teaching Arabic.

Currently, Islamic studies are taught in Urdu in the evening under the self-financing scheme, and is considered one of the most successful programs.

Sources told Dawn that the current approval process (Spring 2015), the IIUI administration under the leadership of its Chairman, Saudi Arabia had the program is closed, as contrary to the rules.

"The rules do not allow you to use a program other than Arabic and English," the sources said, quoting the president as saying in the Academic Council meeting.

In addition, the dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies to read a document before the meeting of the Academic Council, which had the distinction of the University and this ability is the advancement of Arabic so that students could relate (Islamic Studies) Al Uloom Ultra Shriah example, which were lighter in Arabic. The sources said that the Academic Council approved the termination of the program.

In an interview with Dawn says Rector Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai IIUI university decided after the program has greater interests of the university. When asked IIUI said very Urdu evaluated the rector.

"We Urdu department offers several programs to P.hD," he said, adding that since the academic circles assessing the degree of Islamic Studies IIUI, it should be in Arabic.

On the other hand, teachers contrast IIUI program monitoring.

They said that universities around the world pay special attention to the local language, but IIUI devalued the national language by the closure of the course of Islamic Studies in Urdu.

Former Rector IIUI, Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, who also served as president of the National Authority of the language, was the man who launched the program in Urdu.

In an interview with the dawn, he said he had after the approval of the Academic Council and the Board of Governors began to understand the course in Urdu to support local students, Islamic studies.

"I started MA Islamic Studies (Urdu), it was an effective program. I think all languages, including Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Turkish should be encouraged in IIUI, "he added. Contrary to the Rector, a source in IIUI said that the Council of Governors, the last example, this thing to decide is not yet giving the decision in this case. Currently, the program is taught in men and women and will complement current batch campus education.

About 60 students, most of them are in jobs that are pursuing their studies in night school, while about 80 students receive education in Arab and Islamic studies at the morning session.