Sunday, December 21, 2014

FJMC gets warning of closure by PMDC

LAHORE: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) warned Fatima Jinnah Medical College in PMDC Amendment Regulations 2012 on the lack of teachers and other alleged defects for women (FJMC) Lahore, the process in a "Notice of recognition" .dropoff window

In addition to local students, less than 300 budding doctors approved by the CMGP against seats allocated each year from countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE, Palestine , Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, USA, UK and Australia

In response to the announcement PMDC, warning the prestigious institution of some big penalties, including reconnaissance, closing and transfer of other medical school students, primary Prof. CMGP Dr. Fakhar Imam immediately wrote to the authorities about the consequences of taking such action "aggressive" against them.

After Ms. Fatima Jinnah Named 1948 all-female institution attached to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, who runs one of the most important institutions in the province Gyne-related health services.

A senior official said Aurore had FJMC before a severe shortage of experienced teachers in the last decade. The official said the college administration's failure to solve the problem despite repeated warnings of the PMDC.

Unfortunately, he said, the cancellation of the PMDC warning came at a time when the fall in the collection of this great institution in the rank of the university was in the final phase.

He said the PMDC strongly snubbed the CMGP management and the Punjab government for not overcome the shortage of teachers. Many courses, university students were to MBBS and BDS Lead on the verge of closing due to lack of experienced teachers, he added.

Keeping in view the complaints received by the PMDC, the Council had a team of senior officials to conduct detailed audits CMGP medical and dental fields, professors and other related components, the facts in order to bring light.

The official said, according to the PMDC criteria, the inspection team was only 185.4 points out of a total of 300 on the FJMC. The Council urges the parties concerned by the report of the College of representatives of the low score of government.

City mentioned by the report, the announcement PMDC six college departments were working almost without teachers.

The PMDC team stressed, "was the anatomy department of CMGP short by a professor, two staff members and five assistant professors. Similarly, the pathology was confronted with the teacher shortage, three employees and five teachers assistants, Biochemistry two employees and three assistant professors, Pharmacology professor, two employees and three assistant professors, community medicine units, one on each teacher and lecturer, forensic (units) four teachers, staff and faculty, Department medicine (units) three members and three senior physicians, pediatric clinic (units) two teachers, two employees and two senior physicians, department of Ophthalmology (units) of two teachers per employee Registrar any ENT department also work without teacher ".

Quoted by Article 2012 of the change in the PMDC Ordinance of 1962 25 (A), a notice given of the great Council sanctions for CMGP in phases, including the interruption of the other entries in school, withdrawal of recognition and Institute closure. He warned that students admitted FJMC could be transferred to other public medical colleges in the country.

CMGP main Prof. Dr. Fakhar Imam was absent calls to her for her attitude.

Punjab Health Minister Jawad Rafique Malik said he had already taken serious notice of the issue, such as the Department knew, "why" of the PMDC has taken action against the medical institutions of Punjab.

He said the PMDC similar measures against other medical schools in the province, the Ministry of Health has already taken steps to improve the functioning of these institutions by many radical measures.

"I have the (main FJMC) appointed Prof Fakhar Imam faculty, by the clerk to the professor, organize all (free) teaching the absence of the prestigious medical institution, without wasting more time to fill overcome "he said.

Malik said the Ministry of Health would contact the device until the contribution of older doctors warn against all vacancies on derecognition or any other penalty by the PMDC.