Sunday, December 7, 2014

250 school teachers are suspend from schools by Sindh education department

Mirpurkhas: The Sindh Education Ministry is prepared to terminate the services of more than 250 ghost teachers who work for the different media groups, including print and electronic, long time.

Sources in the Ministry of Education, said the Minister of Education had show cause Notes on a total of 259 employees, the majority of teachers in the class-9 exhibited. 24 of them are from the district of Mirpur Khas alone, while 31 Sanghar and six Unerkot.

"That affiliated with media houses, and their superiors in the Department of Education were under pressure and did not dare to take action against them," a senior officer in the Department Eucation added that now Education Secretary Dr. Fazalullah Pechuho finally decided they to get rid of all of its evidence against them have already been collected. These spirits employee inflicted huge losses on Education in Sindh Meanwhile anticipated consequences of departmental action against them, the majority of spirits teacher-cum-journalist asked for early retirement benefits and some have hired legal counsel in court to move against departmental action.

Interestingly majority of the press clubs do not allow compliance with government officials, even if they work for the media houses, but this press clubs knew of its members as a teacher by the Ministry of Education made their public list a few days back.