Friday, November 21, 2014

STUDENTS of FEF Degree College stage a protest in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Shake hundred and nineteen female students of the border Degree College Education Foundation, Nauthia threatened Monday and even adjust education on the possible closure of their institution.

They urged the Department of Education to the College to take control to save their future.

Students and their parents told reporters in Peshawar Press Club that the management of the AWF was closing their college college before moving it Dabgari against their will under the pretext that enrollment was down and costs increased folded.

They said the number of students decreases, since all science teachers have been transferred and asked the students to go Dabgari the school to take courses in computer science and other subjects.

Students say the annual fee has been increased from Rs5,000 to Rs7,000 from Rs16,000 to Rs20,000 and for various categories will force many of them to move State University.

They said under a conspiracy, the College was closed, so that the building is used for other purposes.

The students said they refused to shift her to abandon rather Dabgari College and University Education Dabgari.

Parents of the students said not to send their daughters to university as they Dabgari. Away from their homes

They said the decision was to close the college of their region, to deny girls education.

The parents appealed to the Prime Minister Pervez Khattak noted to make the way, so that the troubles could be removed under them.

She said that education in the province affected by militancy, inflation and poverty, and that the management of the AWF was problems for students and they are supported.

Savvy parents to pass court for relief in the matter.