Friday, November 28, 2014

Setting up medical college, hospital in time tough task for KU

KARACHI: Creating within two difficult months under pressure from Pakistan Medical Dental Council (PMDC), a medical school, the start of January next year, the University of Karachi (KU) is still the homework basis for the establishment of the institution out , Monday.

The sources said that there is confusion in the ranks of university administration and he was still considering options for a suitable location to set up a medical school and teaching hospital. In addition to the infrastructure, there was also a question mark, such as a medical school would be organized in a short time.

The sources said that one of the ideas in the discussion, establish appropriate medical school and a hospital for the training Lari Institute for kidney and urologic diseases was. The institute, which is part of the university, is in the Kidney Foundation of Canada, which had a letter of intent with the University.

They said that the institute years ago for research, education and training created in kidney disease, was not developed in a health free full, as it is designed due to the lack of funding, but he offered an outpatient appointment with a limited number of patients.

A week ago, some people were seen KU put up a sign on a vacant lot in front of the Islamic Center Sheikh Zayed outside the University. Read the sign: "The Ku-site for the teaching hospital."

When asked how the university plans to start college in a short period of time, said KU Chancellor Moazzam Ali Khan: "medical classes, we hope to start in January next year Lari The Institute is one of the options that we consider we could start classes there.. perform and later built teaching hospital and college in a different place. the criteria for the selection of personnel would be respected. "

He also said that, although he did not know, university officials could have contact with the Kidney Foundation of Canada in this regard.

Dr Jaffar Naqvi, CEO of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, however, said that the university is not made contact with him on the question. "If the university in touch, we will bring the topic of discussion in the Board of Directors of the Foundation for a decision."

Sources said the university also made a part of the community of teachers who believed that the university is not on the "illegal decision" of the PMDC that de-notified succumbed faced strong opposition at KU, with eight other universities on the grounds that these institutions do not have a medical college inventory, and could not grant affiliation to medical colleges.

"The current state PMDC is very controversial and the question [in this regard] is notified before the courts and the Council without giving notice of justification University We condemn without heard .. - something unconstitutional," said a university professor Rector of anonymity.

"If the university administration had the decision challenged in court PMDC, it would easily have received an order of suspension and then he could negotiate the issue on its own terms with the PMDC. Already there was a chance request the intervention of the court," he added.

Other teachers described the decision as a school and a hospital in a hurry, the lack of common sense set taken.

Private sources KU union said that if the public corporation decided at its meeting last month, a medical college and hospital in the next year, no specific month it was agreed to establish.

"There was a strong opposition from teachers against the PMDC decision and most wanted to ask the court to intervene. But a member of the forum, said senior non-union teachers with strong political connections he responsible for the for sending the notice of the Government had spoken officer and assured him that the notice be withdrawn if the university has a medical school and a hospital set, "said a union member.

Decided on his insurance, according to sources, the university consortium led by the Vice-Chancellor to announce the creation of a medical school and a hospital.

The university administration has, however, a shock later when the Chancellor (Governor of Sindh province) at a meeting supported the PMDC on the matter and ordered all non-medical universities in the public sector receive immediately log off all its medical subsidiaries in accordance with the Board's decision universities.

"Teachers reject the motion and PMDC are concerned about the situation of the Chancellor in this issue," President Karachi lecturers society Prof Jamil Kazmi said.

KU officials are looking for the questions college affiliate said the situation was difficult and there was no word on the official policy or process belonging.

According to these officials, representatives of the member universities a meeting with the Vice Chancellor KU some time and have a desire to continue their affiliation with the university because he brought an established name in the international express.

The university, according to sources, more than 100 million rupees from 13 affiliated colleges, including Fatima Jinnah Dental Medical College, Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Physical Therapy in the generated Liaquat National Hospital, Liaquat National Medical College, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls and Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine.

"It is not enough to lose a substantial income. The case has the credibility of KU in. The establishment of a medical school and a hospital was an old idea and we have to persuade the administration to take an initiative in this area. Unfortunately now, when a decision came, he was under pressure, which would only lead to compromises transparency in business, it ", a KU teacher remarked.