Thursday, November 20, 2014

PEELI trains thousands of teachers

LAHORE: The Punjab Education and English Language (PEELI) trained 400 trainers of trainers and specialists in the field in 1240 newly added secondary English language teaching within a year of its implementation.

Of the 400 master trainers have a 190 training directly to 17,000 primary school teachers. Similarly, 579 education managers were trained in leadership means in English lessons. Overall, the PEELI is directly trained 3257 people in education, which led to the training of 86,280 teachers and indirectly touched the lives of 3,128,000.

The PEELI, which works closely with schools of Punjab Education Department and staff development to ensure a successful transition to English medium instruction, has also developed well-equipped resource centers in Lahore and Multan plans to replicate in other districts. The program aims to reach 300,000 teachers by 2018.

That was the whole point PEELI Report of the British Council launched at the end of his first year on Monday.

At the launch, the Chief Executive of the British Council Sir Martin Davidson said the PEELI must continue to provide his good work to the educational outcomes to improve something crucial to the Punjab and Pakistan.

Education Minister Punjab Rana Mashhood stressed the commitment of the Government of Punjab to education and explains the many initiatives to improve the education system and the hope PEELI improve education in the province.

Special Education: Governor Sarwar Chaudhry said that Pakistan has the right enshrined in the Constitution for all children a quality education and a safe and healthy environment.

UNICEF estimates more than 1.4 million Pakistani children are still out of school with disabilities. This is even more common for girls, Sarwar said speaking participants in the political dialogue of the British Council on "How to promote an inclusive education system in Pakistan" at the Governor House on Monday.

He said Punjab had excellent special schools, but they were not enough to meet growing demand. He said the situation in Punjab was a little better with the special schools in every sub-district with investment of more than Rs 1 billion each year.

To help these children at postgraduate level, he said the Commission for Higher Education has asked universities to ensure a rate percent of students with disabilities.

However, he noted, there was a need to check whether they are actually observed or quota was enough.

The Governor stressed the need to intensify efforts in inclusive education and special education throughout the country.