Sunday, November 30, 2014

PA body to probe complaint of student against supervisor

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Meeting Standing Committee on Higher Education would be to explore the appeal of a woman against her superiors research fellow, she held his M Phil work in the last three years.

MPA Uzma Khan of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl raised the question during the question and answer time at the house on Monday. She said the students wanted their supervisor any reason to change, but the teacher refused to give it to a certificate of registration with another supervisor no objection.

The MPA said that the student had expected NoC in the last three years and could not get admission in the Promotions classes. "The supervisory authority may have bad intentions and does not allow him to choose a different supervisor," she said, but not to explain the intentions of the teacher. Name of the teacher was not disclosed.

The legislator said that according to the rules of the Graduate Studies Committee recommended the supervisor at the request of the researcher and Vice Chancellor Department gave final approval in this regard. She said that each researcher was required to obtain the prior consent of the NoC supervisor and new supervisor.

The MPA said that the complaint of the student to his or her supervisor, who was a master teacher, has note of Vice-Chancellor, introduced Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, but no action was taken so far.

"The nature of the problem is very serious allegations and can not be discussed publicly," she said, and asked President Assad Qaisar, refer the matter to the Committee. Not to deny Minister of Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani movement and. To the Standing Committee

Issues related to the appointment of the Director of the Centre, Peshawar University study area, Dr. Sarfaraz was also referred to the committee concerned. MPA Uzma Khan said Dr. Sarfaraz was appointed in 2009 director of the center and under the current rules, should be the advertised position to make a new appointment.

She said that the Commission on Higher Education was Vice-Chancellor of the University directed to announce the position and the appointment of the new Director. Despite the end of his three-year tenure Dr. Sarfaraz was still that was in violation of rules, said the MPA.

Minister Mushtaq Ghani said that higher education was a provincial subject after the passage of the 18th Amendment, but the law on the appointment of the director of studies at universities centers was still on the ground. He has decided to refer the matter to the Committee.

The legislature of the treasury and the opposition and the president of the public universities criticized nepotism. They accused the rectors of the abuse of their powers and appointments to various positions without advertising.

Minister Inayatullah Khan claimed that the Vice-Chancellor in universities become rich. He said that the government introduced a bill to the Assembly, to reduce the powers of the Vice Chancellor for appointments. He said the Government had given financial and administrative autonomy of the universities, but the rectors were abused its powers.

A common adjournment motion by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf MPA Dr. Haider Ali Khan and Awami National Party MPA Syed Jafar Shah moved over the alleged irregularities in the fresh appointments at the University of Swat has also been reported to the Committee of the House. President Asad Qaisar meeting adjourned until Wednesday after the tea break, because the quorum was incomplete.