Sunday, November 23, 2014

No primary school built in Karachi since 2012

KARACHI: The Sindh government has not built a new elementary school since 2012 due to the ban on the construction of new schools in the past few years, said Education Minister in the Assembly Nisar Khuhro Sindh Monday.

He answered questions from MPs during Question Time who was in the service of education.

While there are no restrictions on repairing old school building is currently building new schools was forbidden to the former practice of building schools in areas where they are not necessary to stop, he said. Citing an example, the minister said that sometimes the school buildings were built in areas that promote an influential and buildings could have remained unused in the absence of individual students be used for any other purpose them. He added that 80 schools and 90 in a village in Union Council.

On the question of the Pakistan Peoples Party legislator Dr. Sikander Shoro on the name and the number of elementary school girls during 2012-13 built in Jamshoro building, the minister said that no such building was built because of the ban in place for some years. The ban still existed, the minister said in response to a question of Qaumi Movement Movement legislator Heer Soho.

If MQM legislator Irum Farooqui sought the reason for the ban, Mr. Khuhro said he was forced to ghost schools, teachers, ghosts ratio of teachers and students and schools viable not verify viable. In some cases, he said, the teachers do not go to school, where they showed instead they went on deputation to another location or juniors were on higher positions in their own tariff (OPS) posted the base affected the merit and efficiency , He added that the surveillance was enhanced to check this unfair trend. However, he regretted, whenever that action has been taken or regular monitoring carried out, took to the streets teachers.

PPP legislator Nadir Magsi has attracted the attention of the Minister for Qambar-Shahdadkot district in which a number of teachers had gone deputation and even the district education officer was a junior official reference to education in the district. Mr. Khuhro assured the House that he would look into the matter.

Made in response to a question from the Pakistan Muslim League Functional legislature Imtiaz Shaikh about the lack of furniture girls school in the region Lakhidar Shikarpur, the minister said that IDPs - affected by the floods - were slip at the school for a few months provided , During their stay, they took some furniture and used its wood as fuel to cook meals while later they took furniture when they returned home. He said that the government was to create new furniture in this school. He expressed the hope that the school is full of furniture to get it soon.

President Agha Siraj Durrani, of the session of the meeting chaired by the said furniture questions were serious and says that he will make a trial on furniture for 10 years.

MQM legislator Dilawar Qureshi sought reasons for declining it number of pupils in the schools in the district Khairpur. He said there were 369,145 students in the schools in the district in 2009-10, while in the next year, only 329,252 students were left in the schools. The Minister said that the number was due to the high dropout case swayed as some students left their studies halfway primarily on poverty. However, he insisted improved in 2013-14 with not less than 332 381 students in the schools in the district enrolled enrollment.

As four million other students in the province were all students given free books, added Mr. Khuhro.

On a question of PML-F legislator Nusrat Sehar Abbasi and Ms. Soho of MQM, that the books of some subjects - Mathematics, English and Sindhi - had not provided or were provided very late for students, ministers said it was possible that some textbooks are late because of the revised program, the pressure was distributed delays. He added, however, if a particular case was that it be considered.

The minister said the government had about 4.4 million sets of textbooks in the past year at a cost of Rs1.3 billion printed more. This year had five million jobs printed at a cost of Rs1.8 billion and books were distributed free of charge among the students of primary and secondary classes, he added.

MQM legislator Naheed Begum asked assumed by the number of schools. The minister said 126 primary schools were introduced in the province, of which 71 were in Karachi.

On a question of MQM legislator Zubair Khan on the state of school model in the region Latifabad Hyderabad, the Minister said he was determined on a 100-acre property - offered by the Talpur family - in the city center. Once the school has over 4000 students, but his condition deteriorated over the years, he said. Efforts are being made to made the school to its former glory, he said, adding that the school management was modified to improve its condition.

PPP legislator Sohrab Sarki, Mahesh Malani, Jam Shoro Khan, Zafar Kamali MQM and others also spoke.