Wednesday, November 19, 2014

KPK Governor blocks changes to law on universities

PESHAWAR: if temporarily, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa blocked a state government decision to radically change the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities Act 2012th

Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan, who is also the Chancellor of the universities in the province, returned the draft Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities (Amendment) Bill 2014 to the government with recommendations for improvements.

According to a document released here on Monday, the governor said after a detailed analysis of the proposed changes, he explained that a broad revision of the law on universities Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in 2012, a committee will be formed.

The provincial government has presented a summary of the last governor for approval of the proposed amendments to the law.

When contacted, Minister for Higher Education and Pro-Chancellor of the Universities Mushtaq Ghani said the governor was Bill and the proposed committee to give back to its opinion on the matter.

"The next step will be to file (Bill) on the country's Assembly of passage," he said, explaining the constitutional powers of the Governor to advise on a bill.

Under the Constitution, in the exercise of his office, the Governor shall be in accordance with the recommendation of the Cabinet (or Chief Minister) to act (and).

The governor has the power to pass the bill or a summary of related but the Constitution says, "provided that, within 15 days, the Governor, the Cabinet or, where appropriate, the Chief Minister, such advice need to rethink education or otherwise, and the Governor (within ten days) act in accordance with the advice and assistance to the review. "

The governor announced the state government this time to form a committee for review and analysis of the bill.

But interestingly, there are almost a week, the governor himself as the chancellor of universities had also set up a committee headed by the state chief secretary to review the bill and asked him to report. Within 15 days

However, the situation changed when the governor felt that the project Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Amendment) Act 2014 universities on the table: to approve He is using his constitutional power or send it to the state government.

The governor took the second option, which shows its reservation on the proposed amendments to the law.

Mushtaq Ghani said higher education has integrated assessments of the work on reforms in higher education and got it approved by the Chief Minister.

The project, as the cabinet is not sitting, the governor was sent in an effort to approve in a hurry.

However, the governor has a spanner in the works with his constitutional powers. He also said that the project is discussed in detail, because he thought he needed to improve.

However, Mushtaq Ghani insisted the bill was fine.

His ministry had suggested some changes, such as reducing the number of members and the involvement of more people outside of science Senate to break the monopoly of the Vice-Chancellor.

The department of higher education is also proposed and expanded the criteria for the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of the University and suggested that he / she must be all academics, administrators or any other suitable person is, the search committee adequately qualified.

The proposed new bill that the regime of Vice Chancellor should only reduced four years to two years term, to ensure the efficiency.

However, the rectors of 19 public universities, at a meeting last week, criticized the proposed changes.

In a statement she said she had the "manipulated reforms" and denied that "This is all at the request of some politically motivated people that are treated are bent on setting up personal accounts with the price of some rectors of higher education institutions."